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Character Profile: Ryunosuke Natsume

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ryunosuke NatsumeRyuunosuke NatsumeRyunosuke Natsume (All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku)
12 years12 years
Light brownLight brown
Elementary School StudentElementary School Student
"Your the best Nuku Nuku"
Kira Vincent-Davis
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku NukuBannou Bunka Nekomusume

Character Description: Ryunosuke Natsume

Funny how wars can be broken out over a simple thing as a sweet, innocent, little, child. Ryunosuke is the infamous cause of the family feud between his ballistic mother Akiko, and his wacko crack pot pop Kyusaku. Born when the couple were still married, Ryunosuke was first seen while escaping with his father from Mishima Industries. In an alley he met a cute cat and took it with him as he escaped with his dad. But Kyouko and Arisa had found them.

In Poison 1, the two females crashed the car into a junkyard and though they managed to escape the killer-copter's sights, Ryunosuke's pet cat was dying from injuries sustained from the crash. Kyusaku, however, saved the cat's life by turning it into Ryunosuke's new sister/body guard, Nuku Nuku. Ryunosuke loves Nuku Nuku almost as much as she loves him. He can always count on her to save the day and trusts his life with her without question.

Ryunosuke is probably the only normal member of this psycho family. Being a rather average, easy going kid, Ryunosuke oddly enough becomes the voice of reason for both his parents and occasionally Nuku Nuku. Though sometimes having a cat brained super powered robot can be frustrating, Ryunosuke wouldn't trade Nuku for the world. The whole parent fighting thing doesn't really bug Ryunosuke, he just sees it as every day life. He doesn't hate his mom or his dad, just wishes they'd get along better.

All in all, Ryunosuke lives one very strange but surprisingly happy life. Under such strange circumstances one might think Ryunosuke is a bit cracked for loving this life of adventures and mad cap craziness. But in truth he wouldn't have it any other way, because crazy or not, family is the most important thing to Ryunosuke, always has been and always will be.

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