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The Cat ReturnsNeko no Ongaeshi (猫の恩返し)The Cat Returns
1 movie1 movie
February 22, 20052002
Buena Vista Home VideoGhibli
Hiroyuki Morita
Adventure, FantasyAdventure, Fantasy
Whisper of the HeartMimi wo Sumaseba
Haru YoshiokaHaru Yoshioka
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: The Cat Returns

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Haru Yoshioka Haru Yoshioka Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen ⊕ Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen ⊕
Muta Muta Hiromi ⊕ Hiromi ⊕
Toto Toto Lune ⊕ Lune ⊕
Yuki Yuki

Description: The Cat Returns

Neko no Ongaeshi is about cats, like the title suggests. The main character is a teenage schoolgirl named Haru, who rescues a cat from being killed. After saving him, he stands up on his rear legs and thanks her for it. She then finds out he is the prince of the Kingdom of Cats, a place inhabited by cats. Haru is then taken to the kingdom, where she is offered the prince's hand in marriage, due to the king's deep gratitude.

The animation is like the other Ghibli films, so if you liked them for the animation then you might like this one too. Also, Baron the Baron Cat and Muta from "Whisper of the Heart" are in this film.

Description: The Cat Returns

After Haru, a classic clumsy high school girl, saves a cat that can walk and talk from a truck, his father the King of cats wants her to become his daughter-in-law and sends his subjects to bring her to the cat kingdom where she becomes half-cat! It is now up to the charming Baron to help her get home and away from the naughty King.

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