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Character Profile: Haru Yoshioka

USA Info
Japanese Info
Haru Yoshioka Haru Yoshioka Haru Yoshioka (The Cat Returns)
Human Human
Female Female
About 16 years old About 16 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
About 5'5" About 165 cm
About 115 lbs About 52.2 kg
"A cat!?! I can't marry a cat!!"  
The Cat Returns Neko no Ongaeshi

Character Description: Haru Yoshioka

Haru is a typical teenager; Waking up too late to eat breakfast, attempting to sneak into class late, having a crush on a popular guy, and saving the prince of cats. Well, that's a bit different, but anyways....

Haru finds out that a cat she saves from being run over is the Prince of Cats, and his father the King wishes for Haru to marry the Prince! She then hears a voice that tells her where to go to get help, where she meets The Baron and Muta. The Baron is willing to help her while Muta is stubborn. Haru is then dragged to the cat kingdom, is partially turned into a cat, and almost gets married off.

The Prince comes in at the end (after this unique labyrinth escape scene) to tell his father that he is in love with this white cat, who he then gives a boxed present to. The gift is full of fish-shaped crackers, and it turns out that these are the same crackers Haru gave to a little white kitten when she was a child! Haru then gets help from The Prince, The Baron, and Muta to get back home... where she's now a morning person, and is much more confident in herself.

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