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Cells at Work!Hataraku Saibō (はたらく細胞)Cells at Work!
21 TV Episodes (2 Seasons), 1 OVA Special, 1 Movie21 TV Episodes (2 Seasons), 1 OVA Special, 1 Movie
July 8, 2018
AniplexDavid Production, Tokyo MX, GYT, ytv, BS11, TV Aichi
Akane Shimizu
Kenichi Suzuki, Hirofumi Ogura
Comedy, Biology, ScienceComedy, Biology, Science
AE8303 (Erythrocyte / Red Blood Cell) AE8303 (Sekkekkyū)
· · ·
Effector T Cell Efekutā T Saibō
· · ·
Helper T Cell Herupā Tī Saibō
· · ·
Killer T Cell Kirā Tī SaibōMakurofāji
· · ·
Macrophage Makurofāji
· · ·
Memory Cell Kioku Saibō
· · ·
Naive T Cell Naību T Saibō
· · ·
Platelet Kesshōban
· · ·
Regulatory T Cell Seigyosei Tī SaibōNaību T Saibō
· · ·
U-1146 (Neutrophil/ White Blood Cell) U-1146 (Hakkekkyū

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Cells at Work!

Cells at Work is about YOU. Or about your body and everything that goes on inside of it. This story gives us a look at what goes on inside your body as you speak. This story tells about the many adventures of AE8303, a rookie Red Blood Cell who is tasked with carrying oxygen to the lungs. She gets lost often though. She teams up with a White Blood Cell named U-1146, whose job is to protect the body and terminate any illnesses that threaten it. Together they fight in the daily struggle to keep the body safe and healthy!

Cells at Work!

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