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Anime Profile: Ceres, Celestial Legend

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ceres, Celestial LegendAyashi no Ceres (妖しのセレス) ("Ominous Ceres")Ceres, Celestial Legend
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Ominous Ceres
24 TV episodes24 TV episodes
VizStudio Perriot
Yuu Watase
Kamegaki Hajime
Action, Adventure, RomanceAction, Adventure, Romance
Aki MikageAki Mikage
· · ·
Alexander O. Howell
· · ·
Aya MikageAya Mikage
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Chidori KurumaChidori Kuruma
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Characters: Ceres, Celestial Legend

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aki Mikage Aki Mikage Shuro Tsukasa Shuro Tsukasa
Alexander O. Howell --?-- Suzumi Aogiri Suzumi Aogiri
Aya Mikage Aya Mikage Toya Mizuki Touya Mizuki
Ceres Ceres Yuhi Aogiri Yuuhi Aogiri
Chidori Kuruma Chidori Kuruma Gladys Smithson ⊕ Gladys Smithson ⊕
Kagami Mikage Kagami Mikage Kei Tsukasa ⊕ Kei Tsukasa ⊕
Mrs. Q Oda Kyu

Description: Ceres, Celestial Legend

Ayashi no Ceres is about a girl named Aya Mikage who leads the life of a normal high school student until she turns 16. On her 16th birthday, her own family tries to kill her and imprisons her twin brother Aki. Aya later finds out that she possesses the blood of the "tennyo" (heavenly maiden), and when severely shaken she will transform into Ceres. If left to live, she is destined to bring ruin upon the Mikage family.

The story deals with Aya's struggle to fight with her destiny and rid herself of Ceres so she can once again become a normal teenage girl. She must avoid numerous attempts on her life made by her grandfather and other members of the Mikage family, as well as find a way to win her brother back his freedom.

Helping her is Suzumi Aogiri, a woman who also possesses tennyo blood, and Suzumi's brother-in-law Yuuhi, a boy Aya's age who is assigned to protect Aya. Working in the background is Aya's cousin Kagami who, keeping it a secret from the grandfather, tells the Mikage family's henchman Tooya not to kill Aya but to keep an eye on her and find out more about her powers as tennyo and Ceres.

Description: Ceres, Celestial Legend

Ceres, Celestial Legend is about a celestial being named Ceres. Her hagoromo (celestial robe) was stolen by a fisherman named Mikage, and that began Cere's hatred (which has remained throughout her descendants). Now, 3000 years later, Ceres may be dead but her descendant, Aya, lives. And Aya's twin brother, Aki, just happens to be the descendant of Mikage. On Aya and Aki's 16th birthday, the signs emerge that Aki is Mikage's descendant and Aya is Ceres' descendant. Because of this, the Mikage family wants to kill Aya.

Then Toya comes in. He has no memory whatsoever of his childhood, how old he is, or that the celestial robe, AKA hagoromo, created him to get back to Ceres. Also, Toya is suppose to capture Ceres, but he eventually falls head over heals in love with her (well, not really Ceres, but Aya).

Yuhi just a guy who rescues Aya all the time if Toya isn't around. He also falls in love with her, but she loves Toya.

Suzumi is another descendant from completely different family. She is Yuhi's sister-in-law. She married his older brother, who died, and lost her child before it was born. Filled with the grief, she tried to take her own life, but Yuhi kept her from doing so.

Mrs. Q is a live-in housekeeper. Yuhi believes that she's not no ordinary housekeeper.

Kagami Mikage is Aki and Aya's second cousin, and the head of the C-genon project.

Description: Ceres, Celestial Legend

Aya Mikage and Aki Mikage are twins who, on their sixteenth birthday, are told to go to their grandfather's home. Believing that it's a birthday party for them, they're eager and excited. But it turns out that it wasn't a birthday party at all. In fact, it was a test for Aya, in which she failed.

It seems that Aya houses the reincatnated spirit of a Tennyo, who is out for revenge on the Mikage family. The rest of the Mikage family isn't exactly up for a peace treaty between the Tennyo either. Now, she is pitted against her own family. More importantly, her own twin brother is her enemy. But she's not alone. She meets quite a few people who will help her on her way... plus the one she loves...

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