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CeresCeresCeres (Ceres, Celestial Legend)
"Give me back my hagoromo"
Junko Iwae
Ceres, Celestial LegendAyashi no Ceres

Character Description: Ceres

In the manga, volume 13 I believe, it says that Ceres was bathing in the ocean, and almost got attacked by a shark but Kagami Mikage pulled her out. He then held up her robes and asked if they belonged to her, she said yes he wrapped them around her and brought her to his village. At her own free will! The reason being is that the Celestial maidens would have the children of ANY man that could touch her robes. If he touched her robes, and was not chosen to do so, the robes would have killed him.

After that, his village worshipped her like a goddess, and he brought her flowers everyday. Because of what she was, the flowers never died. One day he asked her to marry him and she said yes.

After their second child was born, a rival village attacked the family and almost took Ceres and killed Mikage, but she saved him. His body was badly injured, and so was his pride because he had been unable to defend her.

To make him feel better she gave him some of her power. After that he became power hungry, and took her robes from her to make sure that she would never leave him. When she, her two children and new born baby tried to run away, Mikage caught them.

When the oldest tried to reason with him, he killed her and said that not even his children would take her from him. She was so upset and angry that he had killed their daughter that she killed him, she then died as well, but I don't remember why.

At the end of the manga, before they leave forever, Ceres asks Mikage if he loved her. his reply was "Didn't I show you that every day?" and she says that she loves him too and they leave to the after life.

In the end he wasn't a bad guy, he was just more or less trying to protect the woman he loved, and he took it to the extreme a bit.

Hair Color

In Ayashi no Ceres Chapter 19, page 16, Chidori states when speaking about Ceres, "The girl in the picture is much prettier, more mature, Sexier,Elegant, has pretty black hair". So in the manga her hair is apparently black, while in the anime it definitely appears blue.

Character Description: Ceres

Ceres is a Tennyo (heavenly maiden). She holds a grudge against the man who stole her hagoromo (feathered robe) generations ago. She is also Aya's ancestor, whom she could switch places with.

Ceres isn't as evil as she seem, though. There are nice points to her. Toya was also her creation.

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