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ToyaTouyaToya (Ceres, Celestial Legend)
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Tooya (alternate spelling)
Appears about 22 years old (source: Ceres Celestial Legend Graphic Novel Volume 8, Miori)Appears about 22 years old (source: Ceres Celestial Legend Graphic Novel Volume 8, Miori)
6'0"184 cm
Katsuyuki Konishi
Ceres, Celestial LegendAyashi no Ceres

Character Description: Toya

Touya enters the story when Aya nearly gets herself killed. Touya comes in and saves her life, but is he truly on her side? Later on in the show he is....

Touya starts out not remembering anything at all. The only thing he has trouble with besides remembering his past is his emotions. He may be quiet, but he has this dagger he can make appear and disappear attached to him!

Touya isn't really 22 years old, he is actually younger than Aya. When they first met, Aya appeared to be about 4-6 years old. She went with her dad on a trip to an island which Touya was on after he lost his memory from being hit by a car.

Before this happened, the Hagaromo had created him to find Ceres so he could return it to her. He was in the form of a baby when this old man (name not mentioned in the series) found him. In ten days he grew to be a man who appeared to be about 22 years old (he looked exactly the same then as he does now). The old man taught him how to be a human (obviously, seeing that Touya was only 10 days old, could swim like a fish, literally, and fly like a bird), but then died shortly afterward. That's when Touya left on to the streets and got hit by a car. He survived because he was an immortal being, but lost all of his memories except for the name Mikage.

He was sitting on a rock when a little girl came and gave him a unique shell she had found. She left. Touya lived to find her for he was in love with her. Little did he know that she was Aya, and they ended up going back and Touya got his memory back! Aya ends up getting pregnant by Touya, therefore meaning he isn't alone in the world any longer. The whole 22 years old thing came from a false memory given to him by Kagami Mikage (he also received the memory of being a doctor but it wasn't true).

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