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Anime Profile: Chaotic M'arillion Invasion

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chaotic M'arillion Invasion Chaotic M'arillion Invasion Chaotic M'arillion Invasion
13 episodes(currently) 13 episodes(currently)
2008—? 2008—?
4Kids Ent., Bardel Entertainment 4Kids Ent., Bardel Entertainment
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
· · ·
Bodal Bodal
· · ·
Chaor Chaor
· · ·
Codemaster Crellin Codemaster Crellin
· · ·
Codemaster Imthor Codemaster Imthor
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Anime Characters: Chaotic M'arillion Invasion

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Agitos --?-- Maxxor Maxxor
Bodal Bodal Najarin Najarin
Chaor Chaor Odu-Bathax Odu-Bathax
Codemaster Crellin Codemaster Crellin Peyton Peyton
Codemaster Imthor Codemaster Imthor Phelphor Phelphor
H'earring H'earring Prince Houdino Prince Houdino
Intress Intress Raznus Raznus
Kaz Kalinkas Kaz Kalinkas Sarah Sarah
Klay Klay Takinom --?--
Krystella Krystella Tom Majors Tom Majors
Lord Van Bloot Lord Van Bloot Womma Womma

Anime Description: Chaotic M'arillion Invasion

Chaotic M'arillion Invasion is an anime adaption of one of the newer TV shows aired by 4Kids Entertainment - Chaotic, based on the original trading card game. The Chaotic TV series revolves around humans visiting the world of Chaotic, where they play online card games that let them become creatures from Perim to do battle.

M'arillion Invasion picks up where the original Chaotic season left off. Tom Majors, a Chaotic player, has fled to Kiru City in Perim after one of his good friends, Kaz Kalinkas, has accused him of cheating. Recently however, he has heard that a group of Chaotic players is destroying different ultra-rare locations just so they could keep their own scans, and is working to stop them. In truth, the fact that the Codemasters banished Tom to Perim as "punishment" for cheating as Kaz accused him was actually all part of their plan to stop these Chaotic players from destroying any more ultra-rare locations.

Much later in the series, Kaz and another friend of Tom's, Sarah, discover an unusual UnderWorld creature named Phelphor frozen inside Ice Pillar by other UnderWorlders Khybon and Jiggorex. Not long after they get their scan of Phelphor, Peyton wants a scan of Phelphor as well, so he goes to Chaor's castle with Kaz where they find him speaking with Chaor and his ambassadors, Takinom and Agitos, in his throne room. The three are amazed by Phelphor's long story about the lost tribe known as the M'arillions, the wisest creatures of all in Perim, as well as the fact that they have the Cothica behind the Doors of the Deepmines. Phelphor even reveals that he himself is actually a M'arillion and that the Cothica should be shared. According to Phelphor, the doors were built to keep the M'arillions out of Perim. In truth, Phelphor is planning to release the M'arillions from the doors, and eventually succeeds in doing so. With that, the M'arillion Invasion has begun.

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