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Character Name
Agasa, Dr. Case Closed 
Agasa, Prof. Detective Conan 
Ai Haibara Detective Conan 
Amy Yoshida Case Closed 
Anita Hailey Case Closed 
Ayumi Yoshida Detective Conan 
Booker Kudo Case Closed 
Conan Edogawa Case Closed 
Detective Kogorou Mouri Detective Conan 
Detective Richard Moore Case Closed 
Dr. Agasa Case Closed 
Edogawa, Conan Case Closed 
Fujiyama, Yukiko Detective Conan 
Genta Kojima Detective Conan 
George Kojima Case Closed 
Haibara, Ai Detective Conan 
Hailey, Anita Case Closed 
Hakuba, Saguru Magic Kaito; Case Closed 
Harley Hartwell Case Closed 
Hartwell, Harley Case Closed 
Hattori, Heiji Detective Conan 
Heiji Hattori Detective Conan 
Inspector Meguire Case Closed 
Inspector Megure Detective Conan 
Jimmy Kudo Case Closed 
Kaito 1412 Detective Conan 
Kaito Kid Detective Conan 
Kaito Kuroba Case Closed 
Kazuha Toyama Detective Conan 
Kirsten Thomas Case Closed 
Kogorou Mouri, Detective Detective Conan 
Kojima, Genta Detective Conan 
Kojima, George Case Closed 
Kudo, Booker Case Closed 
Kudo, Jimmy Case Closed 
Kudo, Vivian Case Closed 
Kudou, Shinichi Detective Conan 
Kudou, Yukiko Detective Conan 
Kudou, Yusaku Detective Conan 
Kuroba, Kaito Case Closed 

Character Index: 0-9 41–73 of 73 (Displaying English & Japanese names.)

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Character Name
Meguire, Inspector Case Closed 
Megure, Inspector Detective Conan 
Mitch Tsuburaya Case Closed 
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Detective Conan 
Miyano, Shiho Detective Conan 
Moore, Detective Richard Case Closed 
Moore, Rachel Case Closed 
Mouri, Detective Kogorou Detective Conan 
Night Baroness Case Closed 
Phantom Thief 1412 Case Closed 
Phantom Thief Kid Case Closed 
Prof. Agasa Detective Conan 
Rachel Moore Case Closed 
Ran Mouri Detective Conan 
Richard Moore, Detective Case Closed 
Saguru Hakuba Magic Kaito; Case Closed 
Sebastian, Serena Case Closed 
Serena Sebastian Case Closed 
Sherry Case Closed 
Shiho Miyano Detective Conan 
Shinichi Kudou Detective Conan 
Sonoko Suzuki Detective Conan 
Suzuki, Sonoko Detective Conan 
Thomas, Kirsten Case Closed 
Toyama, Kazuha Detective Conan 
Tsuburaya, Mitch Case Closed 
Tsuburaya, Mitsuhiko Detective Conan 
Vivian Kudo Case Closed 
Yoshida, Amy Case Closed 
Yoshida, Ayumi Detective Conan 
Yukiko Fujiyama Detective Conan 
Yukiko Kudou Detective Conan 
Yusaku Kudou Detective Conan 
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