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A Cheeky AngelTenshi na konamaikiA Cheeky Angel
50 TV episodes
Apr. 6, 2002–Mar. 29, 2003
TV Tokyo/Shogakukan
Comedy, RomanceComedy, Romance
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Characters: A Cheeky Angel

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Fujiki βŠ• Fujiki βŠ• Miki Hanakain βŠ• Miki Hanakain βŠ•
Genzo Souga βŠ• Genzo Souga βŠ• Pierrot βŠ• Pierrot βŠ•
Koboyashi βŠ• Koboyashi βŠ• Yatsuda βŠ• Yatsuda βŠ•
Megumi Amatsuka βŠ• Megumi Amatsuka βŠ•

Description: A Cheeky Angel

Megumi Amatsuka is the hottest girl in the world. When she moves her body anyway boys stop what they are doing and stare at her. Megumi doesn't really like it, and when a boy asks her out she always says no, but that is because she has a childhood secret that only her best friend Miki knows about.

Megumi is really a boy. Six years ago Megumi and Miki were walking through the park when they saw an old man getting beat up by some punks. Megumi stopped them and then demanded a reward from the old man. The old man gives him a book and says that it is magical, and then he walks away laughing.

When Megumi opens the book, a Pierrot (or genie) pops up and says that he will give Megumi one wish. Miki tells him to be careful. There is only one wish Megumi wants. He wishes to be the manliest man in the world. The Pierrot, being a trickster, turned Megumi into the most womanly woman in the world.

Megumi got mad and demanded to be turned back. The Pierrot asks for 10 years of his life. Megumi got mad and threw the book into the river. Megumi ran home to his mom and told her he was a man. Megumi's mom, though, thought he was a girl. The Pierrot made it so everybody thought Megumi was a girl. Even everything in Megumi's house had changed, leaving no evidence that a boy lived there. That was the start of A Cheeky Angel.

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