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KodochaKodomo no OmochaKodocha
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Child's ToyChild's Toy
101 episodes (licensed for DVD release)101 TV episodes, 1 OVA
August 2, 20051996–1997
FunimationTV Tokyo/Studio Gallop/Pony Canyon
Miho Obana
Akira Suzuki, Akitaro Daichi, Hiroaki Sakurai
Comedy, RomanceComedy, Romance
Akito HayamaAkito Hayama
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Kodocha

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akito Hayama Akito Hayama Miss Mitsuya βŠ• Miss Mitsuya βŠ•
Aya Sugita Aya Sugita Naru Naru βŠ• Naru Naru βŠ•
Misako Kurata Misako Kurata Natsumi Hayama βŠ• Natsumi Hayama βŠ•
Naozumi Kamura Naozumi Kamura Pippi βŠ• Pippi βŠ•
Sana Kurata Sana Kurata Rei Sagami βŠ• Rei Sagami βŠ•
Babbit βŠ• Babbit βŠ• Shinichi Gomi βŠ• Shinichi Gomi βŠ•
Fuka Matsui βŠ• --?-- Sumire Ando βŠ• Sumire Ando βŠ•
Hisae Kumagai βŠ• Hisae Kumagai βŠ• Tsuyoshi Ohki βŠ• Tsuyoshi Ohki βŠ•
Mariko Sakai βŠ• Mariko Sakai βŠ• Yukihiro Yasuda βŠ• Yukihiro Yasuda βŠ•
Mayu Tobita βŠ• Mayu Tobita βŠ• Zenjiro βŠ• Zenjiro βŠ•

Description: Kodocha

Kodomo no Omocha (or Kodocha for short) is a sugar high captured in animation, for the most part. Sana Kurata, the main character, is an 11 year old actress who may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but she genuinely cares about everyone around her and wants the world to be happy. The anime revolves around her world, from her demon-boy classmate Akito Hayama and her love-hate relationship with him to her acting career and the places it takes her (to America once, of all places!).

The anime has a very lighthearted, energetic feel to it, but it does manage to touch on deep issues such as child abandonment, abuse and neglect issues, and even suicidal thoughts. Sana handles such issues in her own way, though, and the majority of the time Kodocha will cause you to laugh rather than to cry.

Description: Kodocha

Kodocha tells the story of cheerful and hyperactive Sana Kurata, who is a famous child star of the hit Comedy show "Child's Toy" and her mother is also a famous award-winning writer. It seems like Sana doesn't have a care in the world. At least until he meets a boy named Akito Hayama.

Akito has organized his own group of bullies that are wreaking havoc at Sana's school. However, the ever positive Sana is determined to solve this problem. But eventually Sana discovers that Akito might not be that bad of a person. That and the fact that there might be more to Akito and his life than meets the eye....

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