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Character Profile: Misako Kurata

USA Info
Japanese Info
Misako Kurata Misako Kurata(倉田美紗子) Misako Kurata (Kodocha)Misako Kurata (Kodocha)
Misako Kurata (Kodocha)
Mama Mama
Human Human
Female Female
Dark brunette Dark brunette
Gold-brown Gold-brown
Type AB Type AB
Sana's Mama, Award winning Author Sana's Mama, Award winning Author
"keep up the good work, this is so much fun!" "Do it as much as possible. It's fun!"
Colleen Clinkenbeard Hana Kino
Episode 1 Episode 1
Kodocha Kodomo no Omocha

Character Description: Misako Kurata

Misako Kurata is Sana Kurata's adoptive mother, or "Mama." She is an award winning author, and a very intelligent, and indomitable woman. She loves anything amusing. She married a "No-good gambling addict" at the rather young age of 18, and divorced him two years later. After the divorce she realized that she hated being normal and began wearing nothing but Kimonos, and wearing her hair in ridiculous and hilarious hair displays. Every time you see her it's a different hair style. Misako's pet chipmunk Maro lives on these ridiculous hair displays, and even though Sana often asks her why Maro lives on her head, what she doesn't remember is that it was her idea in the first place.

Misako found Sana on a park bench and took her to the Kamura orphanage until she officially adopted her. When Sana was five years old Misako told her that she would be a famous author and Sana would become a small time actress so that later when Sana was older they could find her real mom. Their plan went better than they expected when Misako becomes an award-winning novelist, and Sana becomes one of the most popular child stars of her day. Misako than writes "My Daughter and I" hoping to find Sana's real mother.

Misako is a very likable character having the personality to be wise and goofy at the same time. She often bounces back and forth from being silly and serious. One of her hobbies is to torture her editor, Mr. Onda (which is very funny to watch).

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