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Character Profile: Yoshiyuki Kojima

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yoshiyuki Kojima Yoshiyuki Kojima Yoshiyuki Kojima (Chobits)
Dragonfly Dragonfly
· · ·
Master(by Kotoko)  
Human Human
Male Male
Mid-twenties(born June 18) Mid-twenties(born June 18)
Dark Brown Dark Brown
Black Black
5'11" 180 cm
Kotoko's owner Kotoko's owner
"You really are special..."  
Chobits Chobits

Character Description: Yoshiyuki Kojima

Going by the username "Dragonfly" on the Persocom BBS, Kojima is a man of few scruples. He has several persocoms (over 20 of them) and his latest creation was a laptop Persocom named Kotoko. Kojima was a hard person to not notice on the BBS, as he was always posting, and arguing with "M", or Minoru.

After reading Minoru's description of Chii, Kojima became obsessed with getting his hands on Chii and finding out all there was about her, even kidnapping the Persocom while she was in the bookstore. While in his house and with Chii in a trance, Kojima tried to touch Chii's "reset-switch" and was confronted by Freya as Hideki and Shinbo burst in to rescue Chii.

Kojima's denials that he was "Dragonfly" were negated when Kotoko ratted him out (it was Kojima's own fault, as he himself had programmed Kotoko to be always truthful). He has since reformed (somewhat), mostly due to the fact that his confession of kidnapping Chii was recorded by Kotoko, ready to be handed over to the authorities at any time.

Character Description: Yoshiyuki Kojima

Kojira is known as "DragonFly" on the Persocom BBS and is the one who kidnaps Chii. He has 20+ custom built units, including Kotoko. Kojira, according to Kotoko, is always looking for things that are special and unique in persocoms. Before Chii came, Kojira also used to tell her (Kotoko) that she was special, even though she's small.

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