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AionAion (アイオーン)Aion (Chrono Crusade)
The Demon Without Horns (by Stella)The Demon Without Horns (by Stella)
Looks about 20 years oldLooks about 20 years old
Sinned DemonSinned Demon
Andy McAvinKazuhiko Inoue
Andy McAvinKazuhiko Inoue
Chrono CrusadeChrono Crusade

Character Description: Aion

Okay, first off this dude is pure EVIL! You understand? EVIL! E-V-I-L! Okay, now that that's out of the way, Aion is one of the sinned demons. This dude was the one who ordered Chrono to kidnap Mary. He is also the one who came up with the idea to destroy their world to be free. I think he was also the one who first sliced off Pandaemonium's head. In Volume 6, he claims that it took him and the rest of the Sinned Demons to find her head again.

He also pulled out Chrono's horns during a fight with Chrono when Chrono was ordered to slice off Mary's head because her body was possessed by Pandaemonium. Chrono wouldn't do it. Later, Aion succeeded in killing Mary, but Chrono also badly hurt. I believe he is now out to kill Chrono .

Aion also murdered Stella's family and looked to be the one to kill Stella's sister, only she was revived to serve as a maid to Joshua. And in one episode, he probably raped Stella. It's not very clear but he did do something to Stella while she was in chains.

Aion supposedly died in episode 23 or 24. Near the very end of 24 he and Remington can be seen by the pope's area as Aion hinting that he is going to kill the pope.

Character Description: Aion

The personality of Aion from the manga and Aion from the anime differ greatly from each other. In the manga, he doesn't care about his allies (the other four sinners that are working with him), while in the manga he does care, although he is still willing to sacrifice them if it gets him closer to his goal. In episode 16 of the anime, Aion sexually harasses Satella. In the manga, this has never occurred. Matter of fact, he didn't even meet Satella before he turned into his demonic form, after Chrono lost his mind since Rosette was hurt. Also, the kisses he gives to Rosette never happened in the manga. Another change is that in the anime, Aion still lives even when Chrono slashes him in Central Park.

In the manga, Aion from 50 years ago (the one with the shorter hair at the time when Chrono was still his ally), the sinners, and Mary Magdalena were like buddies. Everything was pretty much like a normal family... this is what Rosette had found out when he dove into Chrono's mind when he was locked up, since he lost his mind and destroyed half of San Francisco. In the manga, you only see the part where Aion is already half-bitter, so the part where he was the sorta nice guy they left that out of the anime.

Though there are many differences between manga Aion and anime Aion, one thing is quite the same... he is very noble to the people that he sorta needs. In the manga, when he succeeded in kidnapping Azmaria he politely asked her to support him in the battle against pandemonium.

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