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ChronoChrnoChrono (Chrono Crusade)
"Chrono The Sinner""Chrno The Sinner"
Over 50 years (looks about 12 years old in child form, and 20 years old in adult form)Over 50 years (looks about 12 years old in child form, and 20 years old in adult form)
Around 5'2" (child version), around 5'8" (adult version)Around 157 cm (child version), around 173 cm (adult version)
Contracted demonContracted demon
"My name is Chrono. And what I am... is what your people call a 'devil'""May you rest in peace... Amen!"
Greg AyresAkira Ishida
Chrono CrusadeChrono Crusade

Character Description: Chrono

Chrono is a powerful demon who serves as Rosette's assistant in the field of "demon exorcisms." He was sealed away for 50 years until Rosette and Joshua Christopher released him.

He lost his demonic horns in a battle with a demon named Aion, 50 years prior to his befriending Rosette and Joshua. His horns were kept by Aion and later given to Rosette's brother, who's own 'powers' became unstable as a result. Chrono entered into a "contract" with Rosette after Joshua disappeared; This sealed most of his astral powers inside a pocket watch which Rosette carries.

When she opens the watch, it releases/loosens the seal, allowing Chrono to regain his full-powers and return to his 'adult' form. But for Chrono to do so, he must use up some of his contractor's life force-- subsequently shortening their life span as the clock ticks... so this is done only as a last resort.

Chrono is very patient, especially with Rosette. Most people are fearful of him, though he seems very understanding to this. He is polite and kind; the only thing that seems to make him angry is if someone he cares for (Rosette and/or Azmaria) is threatened or hurt.

He has remained by Rosette's side for years, searching for Joshua, while working for the Magdalin Order. He looks about 12-years-old in his "child" form-- having grown bone-like wings and appearing 5 or 6 years older, his 'adult' form is considerably different from his childish one.

He has also been called "Chrono The Sinner" by other demons.

Character Description: Chrono

Chrono is a very loving guy, even though he had a horrifying past. Chrono looks short, but he's a lot taller in his true form.

Chrono really likes Rosette and begs her not to waste her life for him. He cares for Rosette deeply. Besides being Rosette's lover, he is her partner in fighting demons and her ammo/weapon carrier.

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