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Character Profile: Tomoya Okazaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tomoya Okazaki Tomoya Okazaki(岡崎朋也) Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad)
Human Human
Male Male
About 17-18 About 17-18
Black Black
Blue Blue
5'8" 173 cm
134.5 lbs 61 kg
Type A Type A
Will you stay by my side forever? Will you stay by my side forever?
David Matranga Yuuichi Nakamura(Series) Kenji Nojima(Movie)
Episode 1 Episode 1
Clannad Kuranado

Character Description: Tomoya Okazaki

Tomoya is the main male lead in Clannad. He is a delinquent, and is frequently late to school if he comes at all. His mother died in a car accident when he was young, and he has a very poor relationship with his father, Naoyuki; three years prior to the story, the two got into an argument, in which Naoyuki slammed Tomoya into a wall, dislocating his shoulder.

One day, as he is walking to school, he meets a girl named Nagisa, and the two become friends. Being with Nagisa and the new friends he soon makes teach him the value of having a family and friends.

Character Description: Tomoya Okazaki

Tomoya is a young high school student who has a habit of being late for school and skipping classes. Due to a fight he had with his father he was injured and now they have a very distant relationship.

When he was just a child his mother died in a severe car accident ever since then he lived with is father. During his childhood days he became friends with Kotomi Ichinose but forgets about her as times passes and ends up meeting her again in the school library.

She remembers him but sadly he doesn't have a clue who she is. One day while he was walking to school he met Nagisa Furukawa and ever since then his life has been different.

But despite all that he's a pretty good guy.

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