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ClareKurea (クレア)Clare (Claymore)
Claymore #47
3/4 human-1/4 youma hybrid3/4 human-1/4 youma hybrid
19 years old19 years old
Pale blondePale blonde
Silver (color subject to change due to power release)Silver (color subject to change due to power release)
Stephanie YoungHouko Kuwashima
Episode 1, "Big Sword – Claymore"Episode 1, "Big Sword – Claymore"

Character Description: Clare

As a little girl, Clare's village was the victim of a youma, who had disguised itself as her and using that form to feed upon the villagers. Although the creature was later killed by the Claymore Teresa, Clare was blamed for bringing the youma to the village, and was cast-out. With no where else to go, the young girl ended up following Teresa as she left the village.

Although she tried to ignore Clare at first, Teresa soon allowed the girl to accompany her. Somehow, Clare's presence allowed the Claymore to regain some of the happiness she had lost upon becoming a Claymore. However, the two's happy times came to an abrupt end when Teresa was forced to kill human bandits attacking Clare. As a result, the organization controlling the Claymores sent a quartet of their best warriors against her. Teresa ended-up killed by the transformed Pricilla. Vowing vengeance, Clare sought-out the members of the organization and asked them to make her a Claymore, using tissues and blood from Teresa. As a result, Clare became the first woman to willingly become a Claymore, not to mention becoming one using tissues from another Claymore, rather than a youma. It was because of this low ratio of youma tissue that Clare was ranked as 47th – the lowest rank of a Claymore.

As a Claymore, Clare has the ability to sense yoki, the power of a youma. She also as a limited ability to manipulate the yoki within her, but if she pushes her powers too much, she runs the risk of 'awakening' – becoming a more powerful youma herself! She is also capable of rapid sword attacks, often called 'Quick Sword'. However, Clare's attack style is more defensive than offensive. Also, as a Claymore Clare doesn't need to eat as often as a normal human.

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