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Code LyokoCode LyokoCode Lyoko
95 TV episodes (4 seasons)95 TV episodes (4 seasons)
April 19, 2004
Cartoon Network/FUNimationMoonscoop/Antefilms Prods./France Animation
Action, Adventure, FantasyAction, Adventure, Fantasy
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Brynja HeringsdötirBrynja Heringsdötir
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Elisabeth "Sissi" DelmasElisabeth "Shishi" Delmas
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Herb PichonHervé Pichon
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Jeremie BelpoisJeremie Belpois
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Cartoon Characters: Code Lyoko

English Name
French Name
English Name
French Name
Aelita Aelita Ulrich Stern Ulrich Stern
Brynja Heringsdötir Brynja Heringsdötir William Dunbar William Dunbar
Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas Elisabeth "Shishi" Delmas X.A.N.A. X.A.N.A.
Herb Pichon Hervé Pichon Yumi Ishiyama Yumi Ishiyama
Jeremie Belpois Jeremie Belpois Kiwi --?--
Jim Morales Jim Morales Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas Mr. Jean-Pierre Delmas
Milly Solovieff Milly Solovieff Nicolas Poliakoff Nicolas Poliakoff
Odd Della Robia Odd Della Robia Tamiya Diop Tamiya Diop
Taelia Talia

Cartoon Description: Code Lyoko

Notice: Code Lyoko is not Japanese animation! It is a cartoon produced in France. However, because it has a style that is strongly influenced by anime, I have decided to include it on this site. If you're one of those hard-core anime purists who can't stand seeing a non-anime series on a site dedicated to Japanese animation, then just press the Back button on your web browser and pretend like you were never here.

Lyoko is a parallel universe to Earth. Odd, Ulrich, Yumi, and Jeremie found Lyoko in an old empty building. When Jeremie sent Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi into Lyoko, they found Aelita and XANA.

XANA is trying to destroy the world. There are 40 towers in Lyoko and when XANA activates one the gang has to find it while battling monsters and trying to keep Aelita safe. When they find the tower Aelita must deactivate it, as she is the only one who can.

Jeremie is trying to materialize Aelita (bring her to Earth) so they can shut Lyoko down. If Aelita is in Lyoko when they try to shut it down she will die.

Jeremie also finds out that he can't shut Lyoko down without killing Aelita because XANA put a virus on her. They later find out that XANA was in the real world all along and that was why he let Aelita leave Lyoko. For a major twist they find out that there is a fifth sector in Lyoko. That's where XANA lived. It also contained 5 new monsters.

Cartoon Description: Prolog- Part 1

It all began when Jeremie wanted to search the abandoned factory for parts for a robot he was building at the time. His search led him to the supercomputer (which was then in a powered-down state). Curious, he turns it on, then goes to the terminal, where he discovers a virtual world... and what he thinks is an artificial intelligence.

The next day...

Odd enters the academy and makes his acquaintance with his roommate: Ulrich. It's not a very rosy, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Jeremie begins to make his acquaintance with his supposed AI (which he's tentatively named Maya). She had "come to" inside one of the Neutral Towers. Under Jeremie's guidance, they soon learn that she's not alone. In fact, she's under threat!

Jeremie returns to class. While Odd and Ulrich talk, Jeremie tries to buy a drink... and gets shocked! Though they know each other as classmates, this is the first time the three of them interact outside class. It's also the prelude to X.A.N.A.'s first attack--though the drink machine.

Now, Yumi makes Ulrich's acquaintance during a martial class held by Jim that evening. Turns out they're the only two students in the class! And it turns out neither of them are slouches, though Yumi wins by surprising Ulrich with her skill.

Later, Ulrich learns Odd's little secret: his dog, Kiwi! Meanwhile, Jeremie's computer comes under attack. He soon makes the connection between events now and earlier and the supercomputer. Ulrich happens to be outside his room when the attack occurs. He hears the commotion and rushes in to help. Afterward, he insists on learning what's going on. That's when Jeremie leads Ulrich to the factory and tells him about Lyoko.

With Ulrich accompanying him, Jeremie lays out what he knows about the system and describes the means by which someone can be Virtualized and sent into Lyoko. In need of a test subject, Ulrich tries to snatch Kiwi. However, Odd catches on and follows. Sissi, attempting to woo Ulrich, sees them and also follows. At the factory, Odd sneaks in and happens to end up caught in the scanner capsule as Jeremie activates the virtualization program. Ulrich is forced to go in after him. In their initial adventures, they discover the gist of battling in Lyoko (the Way Towers, the creatures, and so on). After being devirtualized by attacks and fending off an assault within the factory, this is where part one ends.

Cartoon Description: Prolog- Part 2

The next day... Also note at this point, Sissi is still in on the secret.

Jeremie has regained contact with "Maya" and is trying to figure out a way to transport her to Earth.

Ulrich and Yumi meet again for a rematch in the gym.

And "Maya" senses the activated tower and realizes trouble is afoot.

Back in the gym, Ulrich and Yumi make each other's formal acquaintance after an exhausting match.

Then, Sissi gets attacked from her closet! Minutes later, Ulrich and Yumi are attacked in the gym.

Then Ulrich gets a call from Jeremie, concerning the attacks. Because Yumi is with him and is quick to figure things out, she insists on coming along. Ulrich has no choice but to lead her to the factory. Everyone soon links up at the factory, and Yumi gets her first taste of Lyoko. Together, they link up with Maya and help her reach the activated tower.

It's in the tower that "Maya" learns her real name, Aelita, when she uses the name as part of the "Code: Lyoko" sequence to deactivate the tower and stop the attacks. Just in time, because not only is Jeremie being attacked inside the factory, but Sissi spilled the beans about the factory, and the authorities are closing in. But with the tower deactivated, Jeremie is able to launch a program he found: Return to the Past. And with it, events and memories of the initial attack are reversed. However, Ulrich, Odd, and Yumi retain their memories. Jeremie's memories, on the other hand, are limited to the events of the first night. The others soon fill in the gap, and they soon make the connection: people who have been virtualized don't lose their memory from a Return to the Past. Jeremie realizes he can correct his problem by simply virtualizing himself once, and he'll be in the same boat again.

After some probing, Jeremie and Aelita soon figure what happened: the X.A.N.A. program. It's here that the setup for first season is completed. Jeremie hopes to materialize Aelita, but with X.A.N.A. capable of striking at any time, it's dangerous. Aelita wants the supercomputer shut down, but the others disagree. Since they can virtualize into Lyoko to combat X.A.N.A., they resolve to keep the computer on and hold the line until Jeremie can bring Aelita into reality.

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