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Odd Della RobiaOdd Della RobiaOdd Della Robia (Code Lyoko)
13 years old13 years old
Blonde (with purple streak)Blonde (with purple streak)
4'7"140 cm
71 lbs32.2 kg
Laser Arrow! (on Lyoko)
Matthew Geczy
Code LyokoCode Lyoko

Character Description: Odd Della Robia

In the real world, Odd is a troublemaker, flirt and class clown all rolled into one (sounds like the best friend of a lot of people). He makes jokes at just about any moment whether serious or not and has a tendency to check out the many girls at Kadic Academy for a potential relationship. His goofiness is matched by his kindness for his friends. He, like Ulrich, will do his best for them no matter what the situation calls for. Often or not, he gets into trouble and tries to find some way out of it. He keeps his dog Kiwi in secret in his and Ulrich's dorm because the school doesn't allow pets. Odd is originally from Holland and like Ulrich, moved to France with his parents to attend the academy.

On a funny note, ever since Season 2 started, people tend to insult him by calling him scrawny, which he can't stand. For some reason, it's become his nickname!

On Lyoko, Odd seems to lag way behind Ulrich and Yumi in both power and defense. He attacks from a distance with Laser Arrows, which are spinning darts that he fires from his gloves. He needs to often fire many to make some decent damage, but often he ends up wasting ammo and ends up becoming defenseless soon after. His defense is also the lowest considering how thin his armor looks (a purple jumpsuit) and often ends up losing Life Points more quickly than his comrades, resulting in him getting devirtualized first. On the other hand, he is second fastest in agility as well as having great evasion and aim so he has some bonuses. His abilities are:

Laser Arrow
His only actual attack which fires any number of darts of his choosing from his glove. Since the beginning of Season 2, he has gained the ability to fire arrows from both gloves, resulting in Odd laying down a lot of covering fire for his friends when they need it. This is a decent improvement since he can cause a larger amount of damage then he used to.
Odd was originally the only one of the team without a defensive move and thus could not guard attacks like Ulrich and Yumi could. He has recently gained a new ability that places an energy shield over his glove to guard attacks. However, the shield loses power quickly and can't block more than a few lasers before giving out, so it's hard to say if it really helps him.
This is Odd's hidden move and he can never do it voluntarily. A brief psychic vision comes to him and shows him a glimpse of something in the future that will happen (one of his friends is about to suffer a horrible fate, the path through a confusing area, etc.) but this often leaves him vulnerable to attacks after the vision ends.

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