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Character Profile: Elisabeth Delmas

USA Info
French Info
Elisabeth Delmas Elisabeth Delmas Elisabeth Delmas (Code Lyoko)
Sissi Shishi
Human Human
Female Female
13 years old 13 years old
Black Black
Black Black
"I've been wanting to be part of their group for ages" "I've been wanting to be part of their group for ages"
Jodi Forrest  
Code Lyoko Code Lyoko

Character Description: Elisabeth Delmas

Elisabeth Delmas, aka Sissi, is the snob of the show. She is real nasty to Jeremie and his friends but deep down she only want to be part of his group.

Sissi hangs out with her little lackies, Nicholas and Herb. She has had a gigantic crush on Ulrich since elememtery school. She tried very hard to break up Yumi and Ulrich.

Sissi also happens to be the principle's daughter, so she almost gets things she wants.

Character Description: Elisabeth Delmas

Sissi looks a lot like her mother. She also can moderately operate computers, from the Super Calculator (called Supercomputer in season 2) to the personal computer in her room. In some episodes, it's shown that she may have some feelings for Odd.

She mostly wears an attachable dark red skirt (seen detached in "Tip-Top Shape") over darker red/purple pants, and a pink, puffy-sleeved shirt with a heart on it that exposes her midriff. She also wears platform shoes which make her taller and a yellow headband around her head. Even without the headband on, Sissi appears to have a widow's peak hairline. She also wears hoop earrings. She's appeared in just her underwear and bra (which are pink in color) in three separate episodes, including the first one. This is usually followed by some sort of comedic or lightly-sexual situation.

Sissi has often been used by the Lyoko team as a tool of manipulation over the principal, who just happens to be her dad.

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