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Ulrich SternUlrich SternUlrich Stern (Code Lyoko)
13 years old13 years old
5'1"155 cm
99 lbs.44.9 kg
Lyoko crew's leaderLyoko crew's leader
"You're your own favorite fanclub!" (to Sissy)
Barbara Scaff
Code LyokoCode Lyoko

Character Description: Ulrich Stern

In the real world, Ulrich is your almost typical RPG-style leader. Headstrong and stubborn, he cares for his friends and would do anything for them. He and Odd are particularly close (best buds) but sometimes Odd can get on Ulrich's nerves. He also has feelings for Yumi, but it's easy to tell that he wants to admit his love for her. However, since the beginning of Season 2, there has been turbulence between them, especially considering the fact Yumi spends a lot of time with the new boy in school and this brings about jealousy on his part. Although it's obvious to Lyoko fans that these two need to be together. In addition, Sissy likes him a lot but his favorite activity is coming up with harsh insults towards her unwelcome comments about them being together.

Ulrich is more athletic than academic and it shows when you compare his grades to his sports performance. Judging from his rather ordinary last name, Ulrich probably moved to Europe from Germany so that he could attend Kadic Academy in France. He also is quite stern.

On Lyoko, Ulrich is definitely the strongest of the group. He has superhuman agility and is capable of inflicting a lot of damage to XANA's monsters as well as deflecting their projectiles. He uses a katana as his weapon and has these abilities:

This is more of a battle quote really. It's what he says when he stabs his katana into the monster's weak point, often followed by the monster's destruction soon after.
Super Sprint
He says this in Season 2 to activate his high speed dash technique. He always had this move but never said anything for it in Season 1. In Season 2, he tends to combine this move with a regular attack to quickly destroy one or more monsters at once. Sometimes he gets a little creative and tries something new (such as spinning like a wheel with the katana held outward to move faster and carve up several targets at once).
Ulrich creates two doubles of himself, making for three of him in battle. The clones are really just decoys but can still attack independently of Ulrich's command. Problem is, the clones have 0 defense, so one hit destroys them.
Ulrich's best attack. He runs in a triangular formation around the monster, creating two clones and using them and himself as the three points of the triangle. His agility creates a blur that connects the shape. This is a confounding attack for the monster to deal with as it usually destroys the clones and ends up missing the real Ulrich easily, leaving itself open for attack.

Ulrich has an interest in the Orient and practices martial arts (perhaps this is how he met Yumi).

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