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Character Profile: William Dunbar

USA Info
French Info
William Dunbar William Dunbar William Dunbar (Code Lyoko)
Human Human
Male Male
14 years old 14 years old
Black Black
Brown Brown
Possessed by Xana Possessed by Xana
"So it wasn't a dream?" "So it wasn't a dream?"
David Gasman  
Code Lyoko Code Lyoko

Character Description: William Dunbar

William came from another high school in the second season. He was kicked out of his other school for plastering love letters all over the school (makes you wonder who he had a crush on at his old school). He seems to like Yumi a lot and in Attack of the Zombies he even saved her. He had shown some common sense and the ability to take charge in dangerous situations.

In one episode, William had followed the group to the factory and had not only found out about Lyoko but also had helped save many people by defusing a boom that was set by a possessed worker for a building demolition company. They eventually let William join the team. William's cockiness and inexperience leads to his downfall during his first Lyoko mission.

Xana ends up possessing William and uses him to destroy one area of Lyoko. That one incident changes William into a darker, Xana-themed version of himself. William's weapon on Lyoko is a zanbato. The zanbato is like Ulrich's weapon in the absorb-and-deflect-lasers way. William's suit goes from a white and blue form-fitting body suit to an all-black outfit with red outlines.

All in all he is a cool character but he really should learn to listen and not use brut force when fighting.

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