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Yumi IshiyamaYumi IshiyamaYumi Ishiyama (Code Lyoko)
14 years old14 years old
About 5'4" - 5'5"About 163 cm - 165 cm
110 lbs.49.9 kg
Team Lyoko warriorTeam Lyoko warrior
"Dork" (to Odd)
Mirabelle Kirkland
Code LyokoCode Lyoko

Character Description: Yumi Ishiyama

In the real world, Yumi is the most mature of the Lyoko crew (being the oldest by one year) and is the only one of the group who doesn't actually have a dorm at Kadic. She transits from her house where she lives with her parents and annoying little brother Hiroki. She and her family are originally from Japan, but she dresses like an American goth girl with her all black style (sweater, pants, boots). It's easy to write Yumi off as a tomboy but she has a sensitive side too. She, like Ulrich, tends to have an irked look on her face but she really is kind where it counts. Both she and Ulrich are an item, but her recent relationship with the new boy have kind of put the two of them a bit against each other. Though in all honesty they care for each other a lot. She detests Sissy's constant attempts to flirt with Ulrich, but lately the two of them are starting to get along.

On Lyoko, Yumi is a balanced character with great and numerous skills. Donning a geisha look, she fights with a Japanese fan for both offense and defense as if it were made of solid metal like Ulrich's sword even though it's simply just a paper fan!

Her abilities are:

Fan Toss
With a shout of "Heeya!" Yumi lobs her fan like a flying buzzsaw at her target. It's sharper than it looks so XANA's monsters don't quite see it coming until it carves them apart. Recently since Season 2 began, Yumi has gained the ability to use a second fan in her other hand for twice the attack and defense options.
Yumi focuses her mind to lift a large object (like a boulder) or even a person (like Aelita). She often uses it to throw something massive at XANA's monsters or on one rare occasion in Season 1 used it to create a rotating shield of stones. However, because of the intense concentration used, she can get exhausted from it easily. Recently, she has used it to also control her fan if it misses its mark.
Geisha Tornado
A special move used only once in Season 2 where Yumi begins to twirl like a tornado while holding her fans out. She can essentially block projectile attacks from all sides this way.
Yumi has also begun to use acrobatic flips to dodge monster attacks since Season 2 initiated. It's quite effective for her to dodge several lasers coming her way!

Character Description: Yumi Ishiyama

Yumi is the oldest member of team Lyoko, and the most mature. She is Japanese and is kinda goth. She can get angry easily and is not fun to deal with but is quite smart and resourceful.

Yumi and Ulrich obviously have a thing for one another. In the episode "Routine" they almost kissed, but were disrupted by the trip to the past. She gets jealous of other girls who like Ulrich and at the thought of him liking them. So far, Jeremie has been the only one to point that out to her.

In Lyoko, she wears a Geisha-like outfit. A geisha is a Japanese artist entertainer. Her weapons are Tessen fans. She starts with one but soon gets two. They operate similar to boom-a-rangs and can also shield her from lasers. Yumi is also telekinetic in Lyoko.

Yumi is very proud of being Japanese. She can get kinda riled if you confuse her for someone who is Chinese. Ulrich is not the only one who wants her heart. William, who comes in during the second season, also wants to make her his own. Yumi still likes Ulrich better, of course.

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