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Anime Profile: Cool Devices

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cool DevicesCool DevicesCool Devices
11 OVA episodes11 OVA episodes
1996, 2005 (re-mastered edition)1995
Critical Mass, NutechGreen Bunny
Hiroyuki Utatane, Yumisuke Kotoyoshi
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Ai (Operation 1) βŠ• Ai (Operation 1) βŠ•
· · ·
Asami (Operation 10) βŠ• Asami (Operation 10) βŠ•
· · ·
Ayaka (Operation 11) βŠ• Ayaka (Operation 11) βŠ•
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Ayana (Operation 7) βŠ• Ayana (Operation 7) βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Cool Devices

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ai (Operation 1) βŠ• Ai (Operation 1) βŠ• Lady Miran (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Lady Miran (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ•
Asami (Operation 10) βŠ• Asami (Operation 10) βŠ• Leyna (Operation 9) βŠ• Leyna (Operation 9) βŠ•
Ayaka (Operation 11) βŠ• Ayaka (Operation 11) βŠ• Lord Estilgar (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Lord Estilgar (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ•
Ayana (Operation 7) βŠ• Ayana (Operation 7) βŠ• Lord Glassmeyer (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Lord Glassmeyer (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ•
Bartender (Operation 1) βŠ• Bartender (Operation 1) βŠ• Lord Zeon (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Lord Zeon (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ•
Boy (Operation 3.2) βŠ• Boy (Operation 3.2) βŠ• Man (Operation 3.1) βŠ• Man (Operation 3.1) βŠ•
Boy (Operation 3.3) βŠ• Boy (Operation 3.3) βŠ• Marino Ohkura (Operations 5 & 6) βŠ• Marino Ohkura (Operations 5 & 6) βŠ•
Brother (Operation 2) βŠ• Brother (Operation 2) βŠ• Masaki Hoshino (Operation 10) βŠ• Masaki Hoshino (Operation 10) βŠ•
Bunny Girl (Operation 3.1) βŠ• Bunny Girl (Operation 3.1) βŠ• Master (Operation 1) βŠ• Master (Operation 1) βŠ•
Cat Girl (Operation 3.1) βŠ• Cat Girl (Operation 3.1) βŠ• Maya Mizutani (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Maya Mizutani (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ•
Dabide (Operation 4) βŠ• Dabide (Operation 4) βŠ• Mayu (Operation 10) βŠ• Mayu (Operation 10) βŠ•
Diana (Operation 9) βŠ• Diana (Operation 9) βŠ• Mina (Operation 10) βŠ• Mina (Operation 10) βŠ•
Eiri (Operation 1) βŠ• Eiri (Operation 1) βŠ• Mistress Reiko (Operation 10) βŠ• Mistress Reiko (Operation 10) βŠ•
Eluma (Operation 9) βŠ• Eluma (Operation 9) βŠ• Miyuki (Operation 10) βŠ• Miyuki (Operation 10) βŠ•
Garius (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Garius (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Momomi (Operation 6) βŠ• Momomi (Operation 6) βŠ•
Girl (Operation 3.2) βŠ• Girl (Operation 3.2) βŠ• Mr. Fujisawa (Operation 7) βŠ• Mr. Fujisawa (Operation 7) βŠ•
Girl (Operation 3.3) βŠ• Girl (Operation 3.3) βŠ• Rina Yuki (Operation 11) βŠ• Rina Yuki (Operation 11) βŠ•
Haruka (Operation 6) βŠ• Haruka (Operation 6) βŠ• Rui (Operation 4) βŠ• Rui (Operation 4) βŠ•
Heckle (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Heckle (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Ryoko (Operation 10) βŠ• Ryoko (Operation 10) βŠ•
Hiroyuki Sawawatari (Operation 6) βŠ• Hiroyuki Sawawatari (Operation 6) βŠ• Saki (Operation 5 & 6) βŠ• Saki (Operation 5 & 6) βŠ•
Jackle (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Jackle (Operation 8 & 9) βŠ• Sister (Operation 2) βŠ• Sister (Operation 2) βŠ•
Kana (Operation 10) βŠ• Kana (Operation 10) βŠ• Takayuki Sawawatari (Operation 5 & 6) βŠ• Takayuki Sawawatari (Operation 5 & 6) βŠ•
Kirei (Operation 4) βŠ• Kirei (Operation 4) βŠ• Takuya Kenzaki (Operation 11) βŠ• Takuya Kenzaki (Operation 11) βŠ•
Kohei(Operation 7) βŠ• Kohei(Operation 7) βŠ• Tutor (Operation 2) βŠ• Tutor (Operation 2) βŠ•
Kurosaki (Operation 11) βŠ• Kurosaki (Operation 11) βŠ•

Description: Cool Devices

Cool Devices: Operation 1 Cool Devices is a collection of independent hentai episodes called "Operations". For the most part, each episode is unrelated to every other episode, and were created by various artists, writers, producers, and the like. This makes for a wide variety of storytelling, animation styles, and character designs.

Compiled together, they create a relatively diverse collection of anime porn, although many do seem to focus on the bondage theme. But if you're into hardcore anime porn, or even just curious, this would be a good set to get. With it, you can discover artists and directors that you tend to favor, and then look for other hentai animation where those people were involved with the development.

A newly re-mastered 10th anniversary version of Cool Devices is now being released in 2005 by Critical Mass, which contains an English language track for the first time ever. Of course, it still contains the original Japanese dialog as well, with English subtitles available for those of us who can't quite speak the language yet.

Operation 1: Curious Fruit
Cool Devices: Operation 1 A pretty young woman named Ai is enjoying a night out with her friends when they spy...them, the couple of oh-so-shamefully dressed people. As her friends snicker, Ai stares on, curious and intrigued, though she doesn't know why. But then they are gone just as quickly as they came, and Ai can't help but follow.

Where she ends up she never could have imagined, an underground club that introduces her to the world of sexual bondage... but not just as a spectator. The couple knows she followed them, and is more than happy to strap her up and show her what it's all about. How could she have possibly fathomed what her initial curiosity would eventually turn her into... the same type of woman that her friends were all snickering at.

Operation 2: Sacred Girl
Cool Devices: Operation 2 A young man lives with his younger sister in the huge house left to them after their parents passed away. He often hosts wild sex parties there at night, while rarely participating in them. Instead, he chooses to look on through the massive number of hidden cameras he installed all throughout the mansion.

Still, the woman he longs for is not any of the beautiful women he invites to the party... but instead is his little sister. And in a twist... she wants him to! The problem is he is conflicted about the whole incest thing, and so he does not act on his desires, nor does he entertain hers. But when another woman enters the picture, and figures out what's going on, she takes it upon herself to stir things up.

Operation 3: Lover Doll
Cool Devices: Operation 3 Operation 3 is actually three shorts. The first is Lover Doll, where we find a woman on her knees in a locked pet cage wearing little more than rabbit ears, handcuffs, and a slender metal rod attached to her nipple piercings. Then another woman enters the room, this one wearing a skin title suit with cat-ears. She starts having fun with the caged bunny-girl until a man enters, bends the cat girl over the cage, and takes her while bunny-girl watches. More fun ensues with the man and the bunny girl, and we're shown some flashback scenes, though I'm not exactly sure what they were about. Perhaps training of some sort? Anyway, that's about all there is too this one. There is no talking, nor any story here, just pure porn.

Cool Devices: Operation 3 The next short is called Winder Swimsuit. We are introduced to a young couple at an indoor pool, where the girl is pleasing the guy while snow falls outside the windows. The guy then uses a box cutter to slice a hole in her swimsuit, strategically placed so they can continue their fun. Like the previous short, there really is no story here, just porn.

The final short is titled Enema, and takes place in a bathroom stall. The boyfriend tells the young woman to disrobe, and although she seems reluctant, she eventually follows his instructions. And this is the theme through the whole short. She is always reluctant to do whatever her boyfriend tells her to do, yet she always ends up doing it anyway, and then at the end, after it's all over, all she can say is "More, please".

Operation 4: Kirei
Cool Devices: Operation 4 Two proportionally impossible young lasses, Kirei and Rui, are vacationing on a beautiful tropical island when they begin to realize there is nobody else around. It seems the lovely, bikini clad ladies have wandered onto an apparently deserted part of the island... notice I said "apparently". Unbeknownst to the busty babes, a psychotic gang of guys occupies this section of beach, and they're itching to have some fun. After literally Kirei literally runs into one of these locals, the two girls end up at his place for a drink... which knocks them out cold.

When Kirei comes to, she finds Rui on top of her spreading some kind of paste all over her body, and apparently ready to have some fun, which is definitely out of character for her. All the while, the local guys are sitting right there in the room, naked, and enjoying the show. Later on, Kirei makes an escape attempt with Rui, but it doesn't go so well, and Rui doesn't see interested at all in getting away. It's too bad, because the guys decide they don't need her anymore, and toss her down some kind of shaft. Then they start to deliver Kirei her punishment.

Operation 5: Seek
Cool Devices: Operation 5 We find that a young woman named Marino Ohkura has gone and gotten herself into the weird situation of becoming a sex slave. Now why'd you have to go and do that? It's not really explained exactly how this comes about, just that she was targeted by the sexy and masochistic beauty, Saki, for her master, Takayuki, and ends up at their mansion where she is quickly and completely unexpectedly put into training, against her will of course. We also learn that Takayuki is the son and prodigy of the now deceased Hiroyuki Sawawatari, a very famous S&M bondage painter, and a masochist female dominator who apparently did a good job of passing on the legacy, because Takayuki sure is good at what he does. The entire episode focuses solely on Saki and Takayuki's training of the lovely Marino.

Operation 6: Seek, Vol. 2: SM Queen Saki
Cool Devices: Operation 6 This episode is a continuation of the previous, and introduces two additional slaves in training, Momomi and Haruka. Momomi takes to it like a fish to water, enjoying every sexual moment, but Haruka is a much more resistant type. She fights it all the way to the end. Also in the episode, we get to see more into S&M Queen Saki's past, like how as a little kid she got pleasure from tearing the limbs of her dolls. Then a little later in her past we are witness to her very own training as a slave, when she was a pet of the famous Hiroyuki Sawawatari. The three slaves-in-training get to make their public debut at an erotic costume ball hosted at the mansion, and all goes pretty well. Once it's time for the finale, it's not the three slaves that are the main attraction, but they are the ones who get to set it up....

Operation 7: Yellow Star
Cool Devices: Operation 7 Yellow Star is the name of a drug which supposedly makes one unable to move, while at the same time increasing sensations. And unfortunately for the buxom young Ayana, her new stepfather, Fujisawa, has a plentiful supply, which she learns about one night while her mom is out of town. It was the same night that she was going to go all the way with her boyfriend, Kohei. So instead of finding herself in the arms of the man she loves, she finds herself downstairs with her step-dad, unable to stop him, while her boyfriend anxiously waits outside for her to answer the door.

The next day her boyfriend is still hoping to get some, but Fujisawa keeps her on a tight leash. He has her way with her all week, and even brings in some buddies of his to have a good time as well. But there is only so much a young woman can take, and when Ayana eventually sees her chance to stop this evil step-dad, she takes it, and pulls his gun from his holster as he holds her close. Of course, this crooked detective isn't scared so easily, and Ayana has never shot a gun in her life. Then what happens next, neither one of them could have expected.

Operation 8: Slave Warrior Maya (part 1)
Cool Devices: Operation 8 One day, as sweet schoolgirl Maya is walking along, minding her own business, some creepy-looking fortune teller calls out to her. Although she has no money, that's just fine, as all he wants Maya to do is look into the crystal ball, for when she does, she is transported to another world. When she comes to, she meets these two short humanoid lizard creatures, Heckle and Jackle, that offer to show her the way back to her world, but only if she takes her clothes off. Once naked, they tie her up and sell her into slavery.

She is bought by Lord Estilgar, some cool robot-looking dude, who sticks her in some device that keeps her arms and legs locked in place, spread out so she's completely exposed, and with some metallic tentacle thingy stuck up her you-know-where. When Heckle and Jackle come to pick up the other have of their fee, they stop by Maya's room to say hi... and she tricks them into releasing her. Now they have no choice but to escape, but when they become surrounded by guards, things don't look so hot. It's a good thing that Maya has a secret, one that even she doesn't know about.

Operation 9: Slave Warrior Maya (part 2)
Cool Devices: Operation 9 Maya's escape may have succeeded, but it didn't last. Once she is recaptured, she is put under the authority of Mistress Eluma to intensify her slave training. Through certain techniques having to do with that metal tentacle thing that gets reinserted, Maya comes to develop a piece of anatomy that any man would be proud to have. Leyna, another slave who has tried to help Maya through the ordeal, plans an escape with Maya, but this time they don't even make it outside. This is when Eluma decides that it would be best to turn Maya into a true slave of desires by implanting her with some kind of parasitic creature which destroys the mind and controls all desires.

All the meanwhile, Lady Miran and Lord Zeon have been ordered to fly to this world and investigate two things, if the planet was still neutral as is should be, and if the rumors of the ancient legend are truly coming to pass. Isn't there always a legend? And of course, Maya is at the center of it. It's too bad we don't get to find out what happens, since this second ends before Maya's final destiny is revealed, and there is no third part to the series. Oh well, I'm guessing that Maya would have fulfilled her destiny and brought peace across the galaxy, all while having a bunch of sex along the way.

Operation 10: Binding
Cool Devices: Operation 10 Masaki Hoshino awakes from an startling, yet erotic dream about some beautiful young maiden asking him to rescue her. He soon remembers where he is, on a train, then quickly realizes that some young girl is attempting to exit the train, with his backpack! His attempt to chase her down is thwarted by a passing train, but he soon finds his backpack and all it's contents dumped and scattered across a dirt road. Well, all it's contents minus his wallet, which had his money and train tickets. And if that wasn't enough bad luck, poor Masaki's soon witness to an earthquake. As he waits at the seemingly abandoned station for the next train, whom should cross his path but none other than Miyuki, the girl from his dream. She lets him know that the train won't be coming, for the quake blocked the roads and tracks. On the bright side, she then offers him a place to stay.

She lives in a mansion up on a cliff, overlooking the sea, along with her mother, Reiko, her sisters Mayu, Ryoko, and Mina, and their maid, Kana. And wouldn't you know it, but every single one of them is a smokin' hot babe. Maybe this wasn't such an unlucky day after all. During Masaki's bath, Kana enters and offers to wash his back, though she ends up doing a lot more than that. Then he passes out. He awakes to the sounds of moaning, and investigates... only to find Kana being punished by Mistress Ryoko. And again, he loses consciousness. The next morning, nobody seems to have any idea what he's talking about. Was it all just a dream?

Operation 11: Fallen Angel Rina
Cool Devices: Operation 11 Rina Yuki is a pop singer, known as the Virgin Idol for her squeaky clean image. One night after a show, she learns that her father has collapsed. At the hospital, she is approached by a man, Kurosaki. Apparently her father's company hasn't been doing so well, and currently owes a lot of money. Kurosaki sees this as a chance to get what he wants: Rina. If Rina signs with his company, Angel Productions, then Kurosaki agrees to wipe the debt clean. Rina doesn't like it, but she'd do anything to help her father, so she signs away. And of course there's a catch. There's always a catch.

Kurosaki says he wants to change Rina's image, tailor it to a more adult audience. So he assigns Takuya Kenzaki to be her new manager. He has Rina wear extremely skimpy and revealing outfits. He has her participate in erotic photo shoots. But in all the photos, she still doesn't look natural, like she wants it. So to rid her of her inhibitions, he has her start wearing these skimpy outfits out in public. And when she starts getting felt up on the subway by a bunch of horny middle-aged men, he just stands back and watches the show. Before long, her embarrassment does begin to fade, and she actually starts to enjoy the attention.

Cool Devices Cool Devices Cool Devices

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