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Anime Profile: Countdown Conjoined

USA Info
Japanese Info
Countdown ConjoinedTemptation Count Down (θͺ˜ζƒ‘COUNT DOWN)Countdown Conjoined
Feb 27, 20071995
SoftCel Pictures, Critical MassPink Pineapple
Hiroyuki Utatane
Countdown AkiraCount Down Akira
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Akemi (Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Akemi (Virgin Hunter) βŠ•
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Chizuru (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Chizuru (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ•
· · ·
Jun Nakatani (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Jun Nakatani (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ•
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Kaede (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ• Kaede (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ•
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Characters: Countdown Conjoined

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akemi (Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Akemi (Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Kunihiko (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Kunihiko (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ•
Chizuru (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Chizuru (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Mai (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ• Mai (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ•
Jun Nakatani (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Jun Nakatani (Alimony Hunter & Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Princess (Seek) βŠ• Princess (Seek) βŠ•
Kaede (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ• Kaede (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ• Yoshimi (Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Yoshimi (Virgin Hunter) βŠ•
Knight (Seek) βŠ• Knight (Seek) βŠ• Yuki (Virgin Hunter) βŠ• Yuki (Virgin Hunter) βŠ•
Kuma (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ• Kuma (Play On History - Hooligan Boy) βŠ•

Description: Countdown Conjoined

Countdown Conjoined is composed of two episodes, each of which is composed of two unrelated stories. Originally the two episodes were released separately as Count Down and Count Down Continued.

The first part of the first episode is called "Alimony Hunter". One night, as Chizuru makes it to the quiet bus terminal, she spies two people seriously making out towards the back. Intrigued, she continues to watch, and realizes that it's not just two people, but two women. One of them the catches a glimpse of her staring, she quickly heads outside.

Once on the bus, she can't stop thinking about what she saw. As the thoughts flood her mind, her hand works its way down to her short skirt. She is startled when a young lady talks to her about taking the adjacent seat. Chizuru is naturally thoroughly embarrassed, especially after the lady sits down and comments that she saw her. But upon removing her hat and introducing herself as Jun Nakatani, Chizuru realizes it was actually one of the women she was watching in the terminal!

Countdown Conjoined So the two get to talking, and by the time the bus gets to its express route and turns out the lights, the two women find themselves enjoying each others embrace, which is a total surprise to Chizuru. Chizuru, however, finds herself even more surprised once she unzips Jun's pants! It seems the lovely Jun is more than meets the eye! Afterwards, Chizuru invites Jun to stay at her fiancΓ©'s place with her and her stepson, Kunihiko.

Countdown Conjoined When they reach the house, Chizuru checks on Kunihiko, who's sick in bed with a fever, and introduces him to Jun Nakatani. Now tell me, what adolescent boy wouldn't be mentally undressing to gorgeous women standing in his bedroom?! Both girls realize it, and it turns them both on, so they start going at it just as soon as they retire to Chizuru's bedroom... which happens to be directly above Kunihiko's bedroom, so he gets to hear all the fun going on!

Countdown Conjoined Could any teenage boy resist the lure of those sounds? Well, if so, Kunihiko isn't among them! He seeks off to peek through their door, though he doesn't get to enjoy the view for long as Jun spots him watching... and invites him in to join the party!

Countdown Conjoined The next part of the first episode is titled "Seek", and is about a brave knight who has set out to rescue a beautiful princess, though he's much more concerned with finding a challenging opponent rather than with the princess herself. He quickly dispatches the monstrous hoodlums who snatched the princess, and is rather disappointed that once again he has not found the challenge he was looking for. But on the plus side, the princess is a babe!

Countdown Conjoined The way back to the castle is too long for a single days travel, so they stop at an inn, where brave sir knight bribes the innkeeper into claiming that there is only a single room left available. Once in the room, horny sir knight makes his move, and it seems to be going well until the princess's pleasure builds too much, unleashing her alternate personality! Gone is the shy, timid princess, now say hello to a bondage queen!

Countdown Conjoined The third part is called "Virgin Hunter", and is about a young woman named Akemi who is about to marry her beloved fiancΓ©, Kunihiko. Could this be the same Kunihiko from "Alimony Hunter"? Yep, pretty sure it is! Especially seeing as how a gorgeous hermaphrodite named Jun shows up to give Kunihiko and Akemi a proper send-off into their new life together. Yeah, Kunihiko is a bit older now, and Jun has cut her hair shorter, but it's no doubt these are the same people

Countdown Conjoined The final part is called "A Play On History - Hooligan Boy". It involves a guy stealing away young girls and a guy that turns into a giant robot... but seriously, by this point to I really need to say anymore? All-in-all, this DVD has a good variety that keeps things entertaining, and is a real relief from a lot of those hentai episodes that are just one women domination scene after another. Unfortunately, the extra features on the disc are hardly worth mentioning. Just an image gallery, a few short outtakes, some staff comments, and some trailers. This is pretty typical for hentai releases, but I'd really like to start seeing something more, especially since we all know they have enough space on the disc.

Image Gallery: Countdown Conjoined

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