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Anime Profile: Countdown Akira

USA Info
Japanese Info
Countdown AkiraCount Down AkiraCountdown Akira
Feb 27, 20071995
SoftCel Pictures, Critical MassPink Pineapple
Hiroyuki Utatane
Countdown ConjoinedCount Down
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Akira Amemiya βŠ• Akira Amemiya βŠ•
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Kaname βŠ• Kaname βŠ•
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Leona βŠ• Leona βŠ•
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Tatsuro βŠ• Tatsuro βŠ•
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Yoshiko βŠ• Yoshiko βŠ•

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Description: Countdown Akira

Countdown Akira is composed of three short stories, and unlike Countdown Conjoined, these are all related. They all focus on one main character, a college boy named Akira Amemiya. Still, they have nothing to do with any of the stories found in Countdown Conjoined.

The first things you'll notice here, after the sexy opening sex scene which takes place in a shower, is that the animators apparently only like to anime sex scenes. Meaning all non-sex scenes are simply still images. Sure, there's a bit of zooming or panning on these still frames, but they're still... uh... still. Maybe they thought the non-sex stuff wasn't important enough to receive the royal treatment of being animated, and it's true that the story still gets conveyed, but it just felt that stale... boring.

Akira Amemiya is some super-hot guy that all the girls drool over. But sorry girls, he's taken! Right, as if that matters. Even his girlfriend, Yoshiko, pretty much knows that he's not a one-woman kind of guy... or one-man kind of guy either. Yep, that's right, he goes both ways! There's only one thing about him that kind of bugs Yoshiko is that he won't let her, or apparently anyone else for that matter, call him by his first name. Whenever she does, he gets upset and tells her that name belongs to someone else. The someone else? Well it's his super model sister of course!

Countdown Akira Okay, but getting back to the story... Yoshiko has a friend named Kaname. She's a hot little number who has a boyfriend named Tatsuro. The two are deeply in love, or so Kaname thinks, until one night when she spies him kissing another girl... another girl that has the exact same pair of earrings that he just recently gave Kaname. Saddened, she tosses her earrings on the ground and walks away... and runs into Amemiya. Although she has been disgusted by his infidelity up to this point, when she speaks to him she says simply and kindly "Please, screw me". Why? Because "I want to be defiled by the most disgusting guy I know".

Countdown Akira The second chapter delves a little bit deeper into the Akira's relationship with his sister. Although she is still out of the country doing her whole modeling thing, we get to see their history through flashbacks, from the time they were kids until they were both not much younger than they are now. Apparently, Akira's sister has always liked to dress him up in girls clothing, like some sort of doll. And then one day she catches him feeling up and smelling her school uniform that was up on a hanger. This, however, did not disgust her....

Countdown Akira Each of the three chapters are about 25-30 minutes long. And, unfortunately, all of them suffer from the same lack of animation except in the sex scenes. And that's kind of a big deal seeing as how there's only about two sex scenes per chapter. So that's a whole lot of unanimated anime! And not only that, but there isn't a whole lot of story here. Akira is in love with his sister, but he can't have her and so has sex with basically whoever asks him to. And that's about the entire thing right there. It's really too bad, 'cause Countdown Conjoined was really enjoyable to watch.

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