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Electra OviloElectra OviloElectra Ovilo (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie)
Said to be in mid 20'sSaid to be in mid 20's
Dark BrownDark Brown
About 5'6"About 168 cm
About 115 lbs.About 52.2 kg
Government OfficerGovernment Officer
"Let's go...together"
Jennifer HaleAi Kobayashi
Cowboy Bebop: The MovieCowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira
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Cowboy Bebop: The MovieCowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira

Character Description: Electra Ovilo

Current government officer for scientific and nuclear studies, Electra spends her days as a soldier to the government's secret service. But once the return of a man called Vincent occurs, her past is forced to bite her in the rear. Electra, once the lover of Vincent, lost trace of Vincent after the war on Titan and believed him to be deceased. Little did she know that the silent assassin was still alive, and would return to kill the world that nearly killed him on Titan. Unfortunately for Electra, Vincent did not remember her whatsoever (proving so after shooting Electra in the arm on the rail-train.

Electra, at first, attempts to save Vincent from death by capturing him herself. And as she went to capture him on the rail-train (the same train that Vincent nearly killed Spike), she had figured out something about her. Vincent had released a toxic bomb (which contained nano-machines that a normal body can find lethal)...but Electra was not effected. Why?

Simple...Vincent's DNA was mixed with Electra's. The two were former lovers, and thus have exchanged more than just one liquid. Once government officials discovered Electra's past with Vincent, they look to eliminate her from the scene. Government officials wanted absolutely no public trace of their nano-machine experiments, and even though Electra's blood could be made into an antidote for a possible nuclear attack...they refused to use her as such, in fear that operations would be shut down by the very government they served under. Electra was imprisoned and set to execution, but thanks to the help of Spike she escaped to find Vincent once again.

As Spike and Vincent battled, Electra rushed to the scene. And just when Spike seemed all but dead, Electra pointed her gun towards Vincent. Vincent, non-chalantly, pointed his back at her. As the two stood with their guns pointed at one another, Electra (behind tears) stated, "Let's go...together". Closing her eyes, she pulled the trigger...and shot Vincent down...unfortunately Vincent did not do the same. For just before trigger was pulled, he remembered who Electra was and told her with his dying breathe, "When I was with you, it was the only time I felt real".

Vincent died before her eyes, and as tears strolled down Electra's cheeks, she looked to the heavens in a silent prayer.

The Movie is left with that. Nothing further is told about Electra. Whether government officials continued to look for her, or whether she just became a wanderer...the mystery of Electra is left just as an enigma.

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