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Faye ValentineFaye ValentineFaye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)
23 years old (plus 54 years in stasis)(born August 14, 1994)23 years old (plus 54 years in stasis)(born August 14, 1994)
Deep VioletDeep Violet
5'6"168 cm
Type BType B
Bounty huntressBounty huntress
"Men are such babies."
Wendee LeeMegumi Hayashibara
Session #3: Honky Tonk Women
Cowboy BebopCowboy Bebop
· · ·
Cowboy Bebop: The MovieCowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira

Character Description: Faye Valentine

Much of Faye's past is a complete mystery. Apparently, she was placed in cryogenic stasis when disasters befell Earth and precipitated the great exodus. Many records that would've provided answers were destroyed, leaving gaping holes in Faye's life that no one (not even herself) apparently can answer. If memories are her least plentiful asset, debts are her most plentiful: amounting to a total too large to state.

She becomes familiar with the mismatched crew of the Bebop and occasionally makes herself at home...if only to relax and await a scoop on a big bounty or easy money. Half the time she's on board, she's in cuffs while they rummage through her stuff. The one member of the crew she hates is Ein. She's never gotten along with the dog and frequently torments him.

Most of the time, Faye is calm, confident, sometimes even cocky. She is an expert gambler and a sharpshooter to boot. But every so often, a softer, more timid side of her emerges: that part of her still looking for answers to her mysterious past, lost and bewildered.

Though really a rival, Faye becomes as much a part of the Bebop as everyone else. Like Spike and Jet, Faye is an experienced huntress. Her personal jewelry is in reality an assortment of electronic devices, including a summons bracelet for her personal craft, Redtail. Redtail is based on a patrol ship design. Like Spike's Sword Fish II, Redtail is built to be fast yet maneuverable, and it also possesses a notable array of weapons.

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