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Grencia Mars Elijah Guo EckenerGrencia Mars Elijah Guo EckenerGren (Cowboy Bebop)
Androgynous maleAndrogynous male
29 years old (born on Mars)29 years old (born on Mars)
Dark BlueDark Blue
Green BlueGreen Blue
6'2"About 188 cm
172 lbsAbout 78 kg
Saxophone player/former soldierSaxophone player/former soldier
"I am both at once and I am neither one"
Mike D'GardKenyuu Horiuchi
Session #12: Jupiter Jazz Part I
Cowboy BebopCowboy Bebop

Character Description: Gren

Gren was a soldier in the Titan War, and fought in the same platoon as Vicious. During a battle, Gren noticed a tiny music box that Vicious was carrying. Gren heard the tune on the little music box, and asked if he could play the tune on his saxophone after the war ended. Vicious gave him the box, which Gren carried as a memento for years after the war's end.

Later, Gren was accused of being a spy. At that time, Vicious turned on Gren. While in prison, Gren was subjected to powerful drugs, which threw his hormones off balance and made him grow breasts.

After his escape from jail, Gren worked as a saxophone player at The Rester House in a town called Blue Crow, which is located on the Callisto moon. One night at the bar, Gren met Julia. He told her about the music box Vicious gave him. Julia told Gren to open it, he did so and found a listening device Vicious had used to frame him.

Later on Faye meets him in the very same bar. After a few drinks, and after she leaves the bar for some "action", he takes her back to his place, at the Blue Apartments. There he reveals his past to Faye. He then reveals that he is a dying man.

Gren had planned to trap and kill Vicious. He set up an exchange of Red Eye for some explosives. During the exchange, he revealed himself to Vicious, and that he knew what Vicious had done to him. They end up in a dogfight, which Spike becomes involved. Gren fires at Vicious, disabling Vicious' ship, but not killing him, and Gren's ship ended up crashing to the ground. Spike came to his aid, but as Gren began to fade away, Spike loaded him back into the ship and launched Gren towards Titan. Gren died in his final flight.

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