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Character Profile: Jet Black

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jet Black Jet Black Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)
  Jet Engine
Human Human
Male Male
36 years(born December 3, 2035) 36 years(born December 3, 2035)
Black Black
Blue Blue
6'2" 188 cm
Type A Type A
Bounty hunter, owner of the Bebop Bounty hunter, owner of the Bebop
"A woman's heart is as fickle as the skies of Ganymede."  
Beau M. Billingslea Unshou Ishizuka
Session #1: Asteroid Blues Session #1: Asteroid Blues
Cowboy Bebop Cowboy Bebop

Character Description: Jet Black

A formner member of the Inter Solar Systems Police (or ISSP), an incident (of which he will not elaborate) cost him his left arm and partial use of his right eye, forcing him to retire from ISSP and to get a cyborg arm and implants to improve his damaged eye. That's when Jet turned Cowboy, getting his hands on a secondhand space trawler and converting it into the ship we know as the Bebop and eventually teaming together with Spike to form a bounty-hunting partnership. Jet frequently resorts to the contacts he established at ISSP to help locate potential bounties.

Jet is a throwback to the older, more civilized days when things are taken more slowly and methodically. Jet maintains operations aboard the Bebop, and he's also the ship's cook, though a lack of money makes the pickings slim at times. Besides the Bebop, Jet also has his own personal craft called Hammerhead, originally a Sack Fish catcher boat. He's also capable of flying Spike's Sword Fish II. In his spare time, Jet tends to his collection of Bonsai trees.

In the episode titled "Black Dog Sarinade", it is revealed that Jet lost his left arm in a take down of Udai Itaxin. He was set up by his partner, who was on the syndicate payroll, and was shot in the arm.

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