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Cream LemonCream Lemon (γγ‚Šγ„γ‚€γƒ¬γƒ’γƒ³)Cream Lemon
· · ·
New Cream LemonNew Cream Lemon
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New Century Cream LemonNew Century Cream Lemon
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Cream Lemon New GenerationCream Lemon New Generation
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Fairy Dust
Hentai, DramaHentai, Drama
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Episodes: Cream Lemon

--?-- 16 OVA Episodes (Cream Lemon) --?-- 2 OVA Episodes (New Century Cream Lemon)
--?-- 9 OVA Episodes (New Cream Lemon) --?-- 4 OVA Episodes (Cream Lemon New Generation)
--?-- 7 OVA Episodes (Miscellaneous Specials)

Dates: Cream Lemon

Characters: Cream Lemon

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ami βŠ• Ami βŠ• Mako βŠ• Mako βŠ•
Arisa βŠ• Arisa βŠ• Murakami βŠ• Murakami βŠ•
Aya βŠ• Aya βŠ• Rall βŠ• Rall βŠ•
Caron βŠ• Caron βŠ• Ramorue βŠ• Ramorue βŠ•
Hiroshi βŠ• Hiroshi βŠ• Reiko βŠ• Reiko βŠ•
Kono βŠ• Kono βŠ•

Description: Cream Lemon

When people look into the history of "perverted" (hentai) anime, one cannot overlook this long-running OVA series that spanned many different stories but never pulled a punch in the erotic department. The second hentai anime to appear (after Lolita Anime) but the better known of the trend-setters, each episode featured a different story; some are funny, some are creepy, some are in a fantasy world, but all are undeniably erotic and somewhat surreal. The erotic scenes generally fall into either the straight or lesbian category, though one or two also delve into futanari (or hermaphroditism). Some of the episodes (like the popular Ami series) comprised parts of running stories while others are one-shots. The original series of 16 episodes ran for three years and was quickly followed by another 9. Various specials not considered part of the series in general ran until 1993. The series still attracts followers for its surreal stories, variety, and good stories (for the genre). Two spinoff series: New Century Cream Lemon and Cream Lemon New Generation, have brought the series to the 21st century.

Cream Lemon and New Cream Lemon were released on VHS and LaserDisc. Various episodes and the volumes released since 2000 have been released on DVD. A few of the Cream Lemon episodes were brought to the US by adult film distributor Excalibur Films under varying titles.

An interesting note for those interested in anime history: the popular Project A-ko series was originally slated to be a more-erotic story and made into an episode for Cream Lemon. However, the plan was changed, and (apart from a couple scenes of partial nudity) Project A-ko was remade into a mainstream movie; the rest is history.

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