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Anime Profile: Cutey Honey

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cutey Honey Cutie Honey(キューティーハニー) Cutey Honey
· · ·
Cutie Honey(alternate spelling) Kyuuteii Hanii(romanization)
· · ·
New Cutey Honey New Cutey Honey
· · ·
Cutey Honey Flash Cutey Honey Flash
  25 TV episodes(Cutey Honey)
· · ·
8 OVA episodes(New Cutey Honey) 8 OVA episodes(New Cutey Honey)
· · ·
  39 TV episodes(Cutey Honey Flash)
1996(New Cutey Honey) 1973(Cutey Honey), 1994(New Cutey Honey) , 1997(Cutey Honey Flash)
A.D. Vision(New Cutey Honey) Toei Animation(Cutey Honey, New Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey Flash), Dynamic(New Cutey Honey, Cutey Honey Flash), TV Asahi(Cutey Honey Flash)
  Go Nagai(Cutey Honey, New Cutey Honey)
· · ·
  Yukako Iisaka(Cutey Honey Flash)
Action, Ecchi Action, Ecchi
-- listed below -- -- listed below --

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Anime Characters: Cutey Honey

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Honey Kisaragi Honey Kisaragi Panther Zora Panther Zora
Adonis Adonis Prince Zera(Cutey Honey Flash) Prince Zera(Cutey Honey Flash)
Akakabu Hayami(New Cutey Honey) Akakabu Hayami(New Cutey Honey) Seiji Hayami Seiji Hayami
Chokei Hayami(New Cutey Honey) Chokei Hayami(New Cutey Honey) Seira Hazuki(Cutey Honey Flash) Seira Hazuki(Cutey Honey Flash)
Daigo Hayami Daigo Hayami Sister Jill(Cutey Honey Flash) Sister Jill(Cutey Honey Flash)
Dr. Kisaragi(Cutey Honey Flash) Dr. Kisaragi(Cutey Honey Flash) The Twilight Prince(Cutey Honey Flash) The Twilight Prince(Cutey Honey Flash)
Grandpa Danbei(New Cutey Honey) Grandpa Danbei(New Cutey Honey)    

Anime Description: Cutey Honey

Cutey Honey is among the better known anime titles, primarily for its main character. However, the story behind Cutey Honey is actually very interesting. Created by Go Nagai, reputed for incorporating suggestive elements into his works, the original Cutey Honey can be considered the precursor to the "Magical Girl" anime and manga genre, being the first featuring a female character able to transform and fight the forces of evil.

The story focuses around Honey Kisaragi, who had thought she was normal until her "father" revealed to her that she was in fact an android with the capability to reshape her body in any number of ways. From that day on, Honey fights against forces that would want her secret power for themselves.

The original Cutey Honey series (targeted as a shounen or boy-oriented series) ran for 25 episodes but was canceled when the Japanese public criticized its content. It was too overt. There are some things even the Japanese don't like to see on television. In 1992, an updated OVA version of the story (the video format and the changing attitudes made this approach more acceptable) came out. We see it here as New Cutey Honey.

Cutey Honey F (more commonly referred to by the full name, Cutey Honey Flash) is a retake of the original story (created by Yukako Iisaka) with an intent to make it shoujo (girl-oriented), turning Honey Kisaragi from a well-endowed secretary android into a school-age human girl and adding both more romantic potential into the series as well as conflicts more typical of the genre that the original inspired, actually replacing Sailor Moon (which finished just before Cutey Honey F began) as the show to watch.

Audio Files: Cutey Honey

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