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Honey KisaragiHoney KisaragiHoney Kisaragi (Cutey Honey)
Cutey Honey (one of many aliases)Cutey Honey (one of many aliases)
Humanoid Android (Cutey Honey, New Cutey Honey)Humanoid Android (Cutey Honey, New Cutey Honey)
· · ·
Human (Cutey Honey Flash)Human (Cutey Honey Flash)
Female (in appearance)Female (in appearance)
20's in appearance (Cutey Honey, New Cutey Honey)20's in appearance (Cutey Honey, New Cutey Honey)
· · ·
16 years (Cutey Honey Flash)16 years (Cutey Honey Flash)
Varies (blond as Honey Kisaragi)Varies (blond as Honey Kisaragi)
Varies (blue as Honey Kisaragi)Varies (blue as Honey Kisaragi)
Shapeshifting crimefighterShapeshifting crimefighter
"I'm going to change!""Kawaru wa yo!"
Jessica CalvelloMichiko Neya (New Cutey Honey)
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Ai Nagano (Cutey Honey Flash)
Cutey HoneyCutey Honey
· · ·
New Cutey HoneyNew Cutey Honey
· · ·
Cutey Honey FlashCutey Honey Flash

Character Description: Cutey Honey & New Cutey Honey

The well-endowed secretary known as Honey Kisaragi is in actuality an android created by a noted scientist in the image of his deceased daughter. However, she acts so much like a human that few can tell she's actually an android.

Honey has two primary forms. One is her disguise form, the form which everyone recognizes as Honey Kisaragi, a real blonde bombshell. However, when the need arises to go into combat, she can shout "Honey Flash!" and activate the secret that hides within her: the Airborne Element Solidifier. With this, Honey's long hair shortens and turns a bold red, and her clothes disappear in place of a hot red and blue bodysuit. This is Cutey Honey's actual form and her primary form for combat.

The Airborne Element Solidifier is the key to this and all of Honey's other transformations, as it can consolidate the surrounding air into solid matter and reverse the process, allowing Honey to reshape her body in any number of ways as well as form weapons and tools to complement the body when necessary. Cutey Honey's actual form, for example, usually comes equipped with a sword and a boomerang.

Character Description: Cutey Honey Flash

Honey Kisaragi, student of St. Chapel Academy, is a real knockout, and she knows it. However, everyone knows not to get fresh with her since she has fencing for a hobby. Honey, however, will find herself in the middle of a crisis, one that centers around her father, the noted scientist Dr. Kisaragi. It seems Honey's father is wanted by the Panther Claw organization, and they'll go to great lengths to get him. When Dr. Kisaragi was kidnapped, however, a strange man gave Honey a choker and a ring and told her of the power they possessed. Thus Honey Kisaragi became the girl with the flash of love: Cutey Honey.

Cutey Honey is ready for battle with her boomerang and Silver Floret. Her trademark finishing move against the forces of Panther Claw is the Honey Lightning Flare, where her Silver Floret slashes in a deadly signature pattern.

Though Honey can assume any number of forms, she has six other preferred forms:

  1. Hurricane Honey - This black-haired lady is dressed to ride and ready to roll on her motorcycle.
  2. Scoop Honey - This orange-haired paparazzi is known to use the high-powered flash on her camera to blind enemies.
  3. Nurse Honey - You can count on her if you're hurt, plus she can use her bandages and needles against the enemy.
  4. Escort Honey - For a quick change, Honey can become a brunette in a flight attendant's outfit.
  5. Stage Honey - When less action and more show is needed, count on Stage Honey to steal the spotlight.
  6. Elegance Honey - Elegance indeed...and it includes an exploding flower bouquet for a sneak attack.

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