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Anime Profile: Cyber Team in Akihabara

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cyber Team in AkihabaraAkihabara Denno Gumi (をキハバラ電脳硄) ("Akihabara Cyber Team")Cyber Team in Akihabara
· · ·
Akihabara Cyber Team
TBS, Ashi Production
Hibari HanakoganeiHibari Hanakoganei
· · ·
Kamome SangakuziKamome Sangakuzi
· · ·
Suzume SakurajuuiSuzume Sakurajuui
· · ·
Tsubame OtoriTsubame Otori
· · ·
Tsugumi HigashijujouTsugumi Higashijujou
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Characters: Cyber Team in Akihabara

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Hibari Hanakoganei Hibari Hanakoganei Patapi Bilyken βŠ• Patapi Bilyken βŠ•
Kamome Sangakuzi Kamome Sangakuzi Patapi Francheska βŠ• Patapi Francheska βŠ•
Suzume Sakurajuui Suzume Sakurajuui Patapi Tensuke βŠ• Patapi Tensuke βŠ•
Tsubame Otori Tsubame Otori Patapi Tetsuro βŠ• Patapi Tetsuro βŠ•
Tsugumi Higashijujou Tsugumi Higashijujou Takashi βŠ• Takashi βŠ•
Hatoko Daikanyama βŠ• Hatoko Daikanyama βŠ• Uzura Kitaurawa βŠ• Uzura Kitaurawa βŠ•
Miyama Sojigaya βŠ• Miyama Sojigaya βŠ•

Description: Cyber Team in Akihabara

In the 21st Century, small robots called "Patapi" have been created to serve as companions and helpers for the human owners. Junior high school 13 year old girl Hibari unexpectedly receives a magical Patapi from a prince that she has seen in her dreams. When dark forces attempt to steal her Patapi, she discovers its hidden power and forms a team with 3 of her schoolmates to unravel the puzzle behind this dark force and her mysterious protector.

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