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CybersixCybersix (サイバーシックス)Cybersix (Cybersix)
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Cyber 6 (alternate spelling)Cyber 6 (alternate spelling)
Adrian SeidelmanAdrian Seidelman
Genetically-engineered humanGenetically-engineered human
Possibly over 20 years oldPossibly over 20 years old
Defender of Meridiana, literature teacherDefender of Meridiana, literature teacher
Cathy WeseluckTomoko Nakajima (中島 朋子)
Episode 1, "Mysterious Shadow"Episode 1, "Mysterious Shadow"

Character Description: Cybersix

Cybersix is the last pure version of 5000 other genetically-engineered beings, the Cyber Series, that were created by the former Nazi scientist Dr. Von Reichter (another version, a young boy named Cyber 29, died from a fall off a cliff and his brain was implanted by Von Reichter into the body of a panther and renamed Data 7). The Cyber Series were to be the ultimate expression of the scientist's evil work, but when they began to rebel against Von Reichter, he had them all slaughtered. Somehow, Cybersix was able to escape with the help of a black slave, who was later killed by Von Reichter.

Fighting to stay ahead of Von Reichter, Cybersix somehow was able to find her way to the city of Meridiana. Using the name of a boy that had died from a car accident, Adrian Seidelman, she had gotten a job as a male literature teacher at the local high school, where she made a friend of fellow teacher (and part-time reporter Lucas Amano). At the same time, she has become the object of desire of one of her students, Lori Anderson, who is unaware of her true gender. However, Von Reichter, as well as his arrogant and egotistical cloned 'son' José, are also in Meridiana, and plan to take over the city as a first step in conquering the world. Reluctantly, she has found herself as the foil to Von Reichter's foul plans, while at the same time trying to protect Lucas, as well and the orphan Julian and Lori.

As a genetically-engineered human, Cybersix is endowed with superhuman strength and highly-evolved agility, as well as possessing a razor-sharp mind. Unfortunately, like other creations of Von Reichter (which includes the huge, hulking 'Fixed Ideas' and the more human 'Technos'), she is dependent on a substance known as 'Sustenance', which resembles a glowing green liquid. If her Sustenance level go too low, she must seek-out and destroy either a Fixed Idea or a Techno, destroy it, and steal and drink the Sustenance that they carry on their persons.

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