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Cyborg 009Saibougu 009 (kana:サイボーグ009) ("Cyborg 009")Cyborg 009
· · ·
Cyborg 009
52 TV episodes52 TV episodes (2001 remake)
· · ·
52 TV episodes (series 2)
· · ·
26 TV episodes (series 1)
· · ·
3 movies
June 30, 20032001 (2001 remake)
· · ·
1979 (series 2)
· · ·
1968 (series 1)
Avex, Inc./Sony Music Ent., Animaze Inc. (2001 remake)Avex mode/TV Tokyo (2001 remake)
· · ·
Best Film, Animaze Inc. (series 2)Sunrise/Toei (series 2)
Shotaro Ishinomori
Yugo Serikawa (Series 1), Masayuki Akehi (Series 2), Jun Kawagoe (Series 3)
Action, Sci-Fi, MechaAction, Sci-Fi, Mecha
009 Re:Cyborg009 RE:CYBORG
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Characters: Cyborg 009

Description: Cyborg 009

Cyborg 009 tells the amazing story of Nine regular humans, each from different parts of the globe, who are transformed (against their will) into powerful cyborgs, each with their own unique and special ability. The people responsible for this is the deadly and mysterious Black Ghost organization, a sinister weapons supplier whose ultimate goal is to start the next World War. The Nine Cyborgs are brought together by Dr. Gilmore, who defected from the Black Ghost in order to thwart their evil intentions. However, Black Ghost does not take the stealing of their creations lightly, and sends many of their forces and evil creations to take back and ultimately destroy the Cyborgs. Will Gilmore and the Cyborgs be able to topple the sinister Black Ghost once and for all?

Description: Cyborg 009

The evil Black Ghost organization kidnapped several people from around the world and turned them into cyborgs designed to be perfect weapons, but their evil plan backfires because the nine cyborgs still retain some of their humanity. Once the cyborgs escape, they vow to defeat the Black Ghost and bring peace to mankind.

It starts when Cyborg 001 reaches out to Cyborg 009. When Cyborg 009 wakes up he finds himself in this laboratory, and he doesn't know how he got there. Then, when Cyborg 009 tries to find a way out, a lot of robots come after him. Cyborg 001 continues to reach out to Cyborg 009 through his mind. Cyborg 009 finds out that he has these amazing powers, but what he doesn't know is that he's a cyborg.

When Cyborg 009 escapes, more robots came after him. He fell off a cliff into the ocean. Then Cyborg 008 was swimming around and spots Cyborg 009. He rescues him and brings him to land. Then more robots come after Cyborg 009. Then Cyborg 002 saves him by flight, and brings him to the others. But before they really got to know each other, they were attacked.

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