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Character Profile: Cyborg 001

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cyborg 001 Cyborg 001 Cyborg 001 (Cyborg 009)
Ivan Whisky  
Cyborg Cyborg
Male Male
6 months(plus about 60 years in stasis) 6 months(plus about 60 years in stasis)
Silver-green Silver-green
Never see them Never see them
About 2' About 61 cm
Under 50 lbs Under 22.7 kg
Leader Leader
Episode 1, The Birth Episode 1, The Birth
Cyborg 009 Cyborg 009

Character Description: Cyborg 001

Cyborg 001, aka Ivan Whisky, has incredible mental, psychic, and telekinetic abilities, and is the leader of the team when in the heat of battle. Unfortunately, his baby-like body also causes him to occasionally fall asleep in the heat of battle.

Ivan Whiskey was the first subject of the cyborg soldier project. He was born in Russia with a severe illness that possibly affected his brain. His father, Gamo, who was a well known brain surgeon, tried many times to find a cure for his sons illness, and became insane. Ivan's father preformed many brain enhancement operations, though Ivan's mother Erika didn't approve of the operations Gamo was doing on their son. Due to all the brain enhancements Ivan gained his amazing psychic gifts.

No one truly knows the extent of these abilities (not even Dr. Gilmore, since he didn't join the project until afterward), but it is known that he possesses telekinetic powers as well as the ability to teleport objects and people (so long as they're unconscious when he does so). He communicates exclusively through telepathy. Because his powers are so taxing (especially for the body of an infant) he sleeps most of the time, yet he is able to sense when his powers are most needed.

Along with 002, 003, and 004, 001 was placed in cryogenic stasis after the project was placed on hold pending scientific advances and then reawakened to join the other cyborgs. Whenever the cyborg team is together in battle, 003 takes care of 001. Dr. Gilmore takes over the job in more tranquil times.

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