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Character Profile: Cyborg 002

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cyborg 002 Cyborg 002 Cyborg 002 (Cyborg 009)
Jet Link  
Cyborg Cyborg
Male Male
18 years old(plus about 60 years in stasis) 18 years old(plus about 60 years in stasis)
Orange Orange
Brown Brown
Over 6' Over 183 cm
Over 150 lbs Over 68 kg
Aerial fighter Aerial fighter
Sparky Allen(aka Ron Allen)  
Episode 1, The Birth Episode 1, The Birth
Cyborg 009 Cyborg 009

Character Description: Cyborg 002

Jet Link is an American teenager who led a gang of punks in New York City's Bronx district during the 60s. But that changed when, during a war with a rival gang, the police arrived and had the warehouse surrounded. Jet encountered a mystery man who offered Jet the choice to come with him, or go to jail. Jet took the easy way.

Jet, along with 001, 003, and 004, was placed in cryogenic stasis in Black Ghost's labatory after the project was placed on hold pending scientific advances. He eventally became one of Dr. Gilmore's first contribution to the 00-Cyborg project and Black Ghost's undoing.

Jet's not much of a team player, but dispite his cocky nature and attitude problem, he has a good heart. He also has a temper that can flair up quite easily.

His legs were modified with jet-boosters on his feet that allow him to fly through the air. He also has an early version of the Time Accelerator that was later improved and incorporated into 009. Because of it, Jet has the ability to move faster than light, thus making it appear as if he disappears, while from his perspective everything appears to be moving very slowly.

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