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Character Profile: Cyborg 003

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cyborg 003 Cyborg 003 Cyborg 003 (Cyborg 009)
Francoise Arnoul  
Cyborg Cyborg
Female Female
18 years old(plus about 60 years in stasis) 18 years old(plus about 60 years in stasis)
Blond Blond
Green Green
About 5'10" About 178 cm
Under 150 lbs Under 68 kg
Radar and lookout Radar and lookout
Midge Mayes(aka Dorothy Elias-Fahn)  
Episode 1, The Birth Episode 1, The Birth
Cyborg 009 Cyborg 009

Character Description: Cyborg 003

Cyborg 003 (Francoise Armoul) was plucked from the Paris school where she was studying to become a dancer. She was made into a clairvoyant cyborg: able to see, hear, and otherwise sense things from great distances.

Cyborg 003, the only female member of the team, is also the most pacifistic of the cyborgs. She prefers to try to reach through to their enemies and only fights when it is absolutely necessary. Originally a very shy girl, she learns to warm up to her cyborg teammates.

Along with 001, 002, and 004, 003 was placed in cryogenic stasis after the project was placed on hold pending scientific advances and then reawakened to join the other cyborgs

Character Description: Cyborg 003

Cybort 003, aka Francoise Arnoul, has amazing senses allowing her to see and hear through rock walls, mountains, or even long distances such as several miles. She is the spy for the team because she can gain informaion without having to get very close. She is also the member of the team that takes care of Cyborg 001 since she is the only female member of the team.

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