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Character Profile: Cyborg 004

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cyborg 004 Cyborg 004 Cyborg 004 (Cyborg 009)
Albert Heinrich  
Cyborg Cyborg
Male Male
30 years(plus about 60 years in stasis) 30 years(plus about 60 years in stasis)
Silver Silver
Light blue Light blue
About 5'10" About 178 cm
Above 150 lbs Above 68 kg
Walking arsenal Walking arsenal
Jim Taggert  
Episode 1, The Birth Episode 1, The Birth
Cyborg 009 Cyborg 009

Character Description: Cyborg 004

Cyborg 004 (Albert Heinrich) is a German native. His story begins when he and his wife were trying to flee from the communist east. (Note: At the time the concept for the series--and thus 004--was originally created, Germany was still a divided country.) However, they were spotted and shot. His wife was killed, and his barely-alive body was picked up by Black Ghost.

Dr. Gilmore was tasked with replacing his mangled body with as many mechanical parts (preferably weapons) as possible. Missile launchers were incorporated into his legs, his right fingers became a set of machine guns, and a laser cutter was installed in his left hand. He literally became a walking arsenal.

Unfortunately, 004's personality created problems as he became distraught and practically suicidal. This and a need for scientific advances prompted Dr. Gilmore and the rest of the research team to hold the project and place he and the previous three cyborgs into stasis. By the time 004 was re-awakened, he had many more cyborg brethren, and the camaraderie and united mission to defeat Black Ghost helped to stabilize his personality. He's become an excellent military thinker alongside 008.

Character Description: Cyborg 004

Cyborg 004, aka Albert Heinrich, is a walking arsenal. Every part of his body has some type of weaponry equipped into it. Both knees are rocket launchers, his right hand has a machine gun in each finger, and his left is a laser knife. He also might have missles in his chest. He is very well equipped with military information and is perfect at thinking of plans.

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