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Cyborg 009Cyborg 009Cyborg 009 (Cyborg 009)
Joe Shimamura
18 years18 years
About 6'About 182.9 cm
Above 150 lbsAbout 68 kg
Latest model of the Cyborg projectLatest model of the Cyborg project
"Why did the Black Ghost Organization make us into Cyborgs"
Joshua Seth, David Umansky
Episode 1, The BirthEpisode 1, The Birth
Cyborg 009Cyborg 009

Character Description: Cyborg 009

Cyborg 009 (Joe Shimamura) has never had it easy. He never knew his parents and lived practically all his life in an orphanage run by a kind priest. However, when the priest was killed, Joe was blamed for the murder. In the process of escaping from the law, he fell off a cliff into the sea. He survived the fall, and his unconscious body was recovered by Black Ghost.

Cyborg 001's telepathic call awakened him and helped him to escape from his captivity, though the suddenness of his transformation leaves him thoroughly shaken for some time. It will take time for 009 to become accustomed to his new life as a cyborg and part of the cyborg soldier team.

009 is the last of the cyborg soldier test models and thus the most advanced. His primary super power is an advanced accelerator which he activates via a switch built into his molar. However, the sixty-plus years of cyborg research has contributed to his overall makeup. His accelerator is based on the basic design originally built for 002 (though significantly advanced now). His body incorporates elements originally made for 005, so he's stronger and tougher than all of the cyborgs except 005 himself. And he also has 008's ability to breathe underwater.

He shared one other important trait. Like 003, he prefers to try to reason with his enemies and is reluctant to fight unless provoked; on the other hand, 009 is utterly determined to keep fighting when he must, driven by his very strong sense of justice.

Character Description: Cyborg 009

Joe Shimamura was only an infant when his mother left him at the doorstep of a kind priest's church. He grew up to be a kind hearted boy...only without parents.

On his 18th birthday, the Father was murdered. The police found Joe with the body, accused him of murder, and put him in a vehicle to be taken to a family court. That vehicle got into an accident, however, enabling Joe to escape. The police found him, and had him cornered near the edge of a cliff. Joe determined that the only way out of this was to jump. So he did. Later, his unconcious body washed up on shore where some of Black Ghost's workers found him and handed him over to the Black Ghost Organization. There he was made into a cyborg soldier.

Cyborg 001 woke up Joe with his telepathy, and gave him directions on how to escape...or at least that's what Joe thought. 001 was accually leading Joe to the enemy, just so he could see exactly what abilities Joe had. Joe was furious when he found out, and saying that he'd punch 001's lights out. But then all of a sudden a plane came and was about to hit Joe. 001 told Joe how to use accelleration mode, by flicking the switch on his back tooth. Joe told him to stop it, and the plane hit him and carried him off into the sky.

He looked inside the vehicle, but found that there was no one piloting it. He looked ahead of him and saw another plane coming right towards him. Both planes collided and exploded. He began to fall and Cyborg 002 caught him and brought him to where the other eight cyborgs were. When Joe had seen who 001 was, he no longer wanted to punch his lights out because 001 had the appearance of an infant.

Joe joined the Rebellion with the other eight cyborgs, and became leader of the 00 team. He found out about his codename- Cyborg 009- and used it throughout the other missions. He grew from a general leader to a true leader of the team.

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