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Anime Profile: Dance in the Vampire Bund

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dance in the Vampire BundDansu in za Vanpaia Bando (ダンス イン ザ ヴァンパイアバンド)Dance in the Vampire Bund
12 TV episodes12 TV episodes
June 14, 2011January 7, 2010–April 1, 2010
FUNimationMedia Factory, Shaft
Nozumo Tamaki
Akiyuki Shinbo
Horror, Paranormal, RomanceHorror, Paranormal, Romance
Mina ŢepeşMina Ţepeş
· · ·
Akira Kaburagi Regendorf Akira Kaburagi Regendorf
· · ·
Alphonse Medici Borgiani
· · ·
Angel Arvenanto
· · ·
Hikosaka Hikosaka
· · ·
· · ·
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Characters: Dance in the Vampire Bund

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Mina Ţepeş Mina Ţepeş Nella --?--
Akira Kaburagi Regendorf Akira Kaburagi Regendorf Nelly --?--
Alphonse Medici Borgiani --?-- Nichole Edelman --?--
Angel Arvenanto --?-- Ryohei Kuze Ryohei Kuze
Hikosaka Hikosaka Seiji Hama Seiji Hama
Hysterica --?-- Veratos --?--
Jean Marie Dermailles --?-- Wolfgang Regendorf --?--
Juneau Dermailles --?-- Yuki Saegusa Yuki Saegusa
Katsuichi Misoguchi Katsuichi Misoguchi Yuzuru Yuzuru
Nanami Shinonome Nanami Shinonome

Description: Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Ţepeş, the childlike queen of the undead, hoped that by paying the national debt of Japan, she could establish a new homeland for the same race of the coast of it, where they and other vampires can live openly alongside humankind. What she and her werewolf protector Akira didn't count on were the hysterical prejudices of humans, other vampires and werewolves trying to stop them. Will they be able to survive this miscalculation?

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