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Mina TepeşMina Tepesshu (ミナ・テペッシュ)Mina Tepeş (Dance in the Vampire Bund)
Over 100 years (appears 10 in child form)Over 100 years (appears 10 in child form)
3'9" (child form), 5'5" (true adult form)114 cm (child form), 165 cm (true adult form)
Princess of vampiresPrincess of vampires
Monica RialAoi Yuki (悠木 碧)
Episode 1, "Prom Night"Episode 1, "Prom Night"
Dance in the Vampire BundDance in the Vampire Bund

Character Description: Mina Tepeş

Even though she looks like a child, Mina Tepeş is, in fact, the true-blood ruler of Earth's vampires. Her personality is very complex, though. She can appear cruel and manipulating one moment, and the next frail and vulnerable. She also has great sympathy for 'the Fangless' – vampire who had their fangs pulled in order to not hunt for human blood.

Mina, along with the others of her clan, had became aware that there had been an upsurge of vampires in the world, even though they had maintained their secrecy for thousands of years. But recently, they had became aware of a renegade faction, Telomere, who had begun a program to conquer the world. With this knowledge, Mina began a risky plan. Using a TV show in Japan, she had exposed a Telomere vampire that was indiscriminately hunting humans in Tokyo. Once done and the vampire destroyed, she announced to the world that vampires exist in the world, and she intended to use a piece of reclaimed land as the new home for all vampires, called the Bund. But at the same time, Mina discovered that her guardian Akira Kaburagi Regandorf, who had disappeared a year before, was still alive, but had amnesia.

Like many vampires, Mina is vulnerable to sunlight, but with the use of a substance called 'shade gel' she can exist in bright sunlight for a maximum of 15 minutes. Also, Mina has two forms. But unlike Telomere vampires, whose true forms are often hideous monsters, hers is that of a beautiful adult woman. But Mina's kept this form a secret, using it only in battle, the only others that know this form are Akira and Yuki Saegusa.

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