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HavocHavoc (ハヴォック)Havoc (Darker Than BLACK)
Forfeiter (former Contractor)Regressor(former Contractor)
Appears 18-20 years oldAppears 18-20 years old
Luci ChristianNaomi Shindo
Episode 5Episode 5
Darker Than BLACKDarker Than BLACK

Character Description: Havoc

Havoc, or Carmine as Hei called her, is a Forfeiter or Regressor who lost her Contractor powers simply because she did not want them anymore. This is likely due to her remuneration, or payment, being to drink the blood of children, and the fact that she was just plain tired of killing. Her Contractor powers were said to be something similar to creating a vacuum. The death count on her part was said to reach the artificial stars above.

After the South American War, Carmine wound up in a little village in Europe and lived with a family there. She had already lost her powers then and was able to enjoy the little things, such and cooking and having fun with it. She, albeit for a short time, was happy. MI-6 agents November 11, April, and July found her in the village (it's not specified how they found her) and took her to Pandora to be a lab-rat there. During a transfer the CIA attempted an attack on the helicopter supposedly carrying her. She had been, in fact, hidden in a suitcase in the trunk of the car in which November 11 was riding.

The transfer was going to be finished with Carmine in the car, but Hei had other plans. He kidnapped her, but not on his orders from the Syndicate. Hei knows Carmine because of their mutual history during the South American War. Carmine was part of Pai and Amber's team. Hei proceeded to interrogate her about the whereabouts of his sister, Pai. He even went so far as to break her fingers when she couldn't tell him anything.

Afterward, he cooked her a meal and served it to her while he ate an enormous amount. But, due to her broken fingers, she couldn't eat the food. This made Hei feel guilty, so he fed her himself. She then complimented on his cooking and told him about her life in the village. She couldn't remember much from the South American incident, but agreed to go to Hell's Gate to see if she would regain her powers/and or her memories.

When they arrived at the gate, however, Carmine was seized with terror at the notion of regaining her powers and becoming a monster again, not when she could be normal and happy. Hei gave her the choice of leaving, and they attempted to get out. However, November 11 killed Carmine just as she remembered something about Pai. Carmine died before she got a chance to tell Hei what she remembered.

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