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HeiHei (黒)Hei (Darker Than BLACK)
Li ShengshunLi Shengshun
· · ·
The Black ReaperKuro no Shinigami
· · ·
Appears 18-20 years oldAppears 18-20 years old
Dark bluish-blackDark bluish-black
Appears 5'11"Appears 180 cm
Jason LiebrechtHidenobu Kiuchi
Episode 1Episode 1
Darker Than BLACKDarker Than BLACK

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Hei

His codename is Hei, which means black in Chinese. Hei is a very talented contractor, his Messier Code is BK-201. Hei lives two lives in the series. In public he is Li Shengshun, a forgein exchange student from China. He's very nice and well mannered. He lives in the Umitsuki apartments, and is always working a new part-time job. He has a huge appetite, and eats a lot, but never gets bigger.

Hei's other life is of a Contractor called BK-201 and also the Black Reaper, mostly by other Contractors. Before becoming a contractor Hei was an assassin which earned him his nickname. Hei is usually seen in a mask, that usually breaks, and a dark cloak that is bullet proof.

Hei has the ability to use electricity. His electricity goes threw everything except air and concrete. He can kill anyone he wants, and short out power in large buildings. Hei can also disturb matter on a quantum level that can produce electricity. His weapon he most likely always uses is his knife on a metal, flexible wire. He usually wraps the wire around necks and arms, and electrocutes anyone he pleases. He is also seen putting his hand on a person's head and electrocuting them that way.

Contractors are said not to have emotions, but Hei seems to have them. He seems heartless at points, but Hei does have a heart. And that is proven by how much he loves his sister he lost when the South American Gate imploded. He's been looking for her ever since. It is said that Hei has very strong feeling toward Yin. Somewhat of love. Even though she is a doll. Hei feels torn between a Contractor and a human. He has strong hatred for Amber/February, a member of the Primrose and a Syndicate co-worker. Amber betrayed Hei when they lived in South America.

Hei also seems to care about Mao, his partner and friend. But the relationship is unknown.

Character Description: Hei

During the South American Holy War, Hei was known as the Black Grim Reaper. He worked with his Sister Pei and Amber as part of an Organization during the explosion that destroyed most most of South America and caused his Sister to go missing. The Anime takes place after the war when Hei begins working in Japan, taking care of various contractors as he searches for clues, trying to find his sister. It is only near the end when it is reveled that Hei is stuck between being a Contractor and being a Human. His sister gave him the power he holds now during the explosion in South America.

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