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HuangHuang (黄)Huang (Darker Than BLACK)
Mid-40s perhapsMid-40s perhaps
Syndicate AgentSyndicate Agent
"I guess you can't help who you fall in love with."
John SwaseyMasaru Ikeda
Episode 1Episode 1
Darker Than BLACKDarker Than BLACK

Character Description: Huang

Huang is a former detective who was under the direction of Yoshimitsu Horai (who is incidentally, also Misaki's boss). He was apparently good at his job until his partner got killed and he was approached by the Syndicate.

Huang is on the same Team as Hei, Mao, and Yin. He could be what you call a field supervisor. He generally gives the orders and explains the missions to the rest of the team. He's only second to Mao in the doesn't-really-do-anything category. Only once in the series does he join Hei on a mission (and only because it regards someone from his past). He is the team's contact to the Syndicate, aside from Mao's wireless link.

When he was a detective, he met a woman named Shihoko and ultimately fell in love with her. However, she had been a Contractor working for the Syndicate. His partner had also been one, and after seemingly failing a mission or betraying the Syndicate somehow, was killed by Shihoko. Because he and his partner's wife saw a Contractor, their memories were supposed to be wiped. Though this was the fate of his partner's wife, he was instead approached by a Syndicate agent and asked to join the mysterious organization. This, we later find out, was at the request of Shihoko because she did not want Huang to forget their mutual love.

Huang lived out his new life as a part of the Syndicate in unbridled hatred of all Contractors, considering them as monstrosities of nature. His opinion of Dolls isn't much better. He is very cold towards Hei and Yin in the beginning of the show, but his opinion of them gradually evolves into a more understanding one. Such proof is when he sees Yin crying; he is confused and, though he has been ordered to eliminate her, cannot and instead stutters 'D-dolls aren't supposed to cry...'. When asked if he would like her "fixed", he declines and simply says 'Nah, I've gotten used to the way she works'.

Later, a mission involving the ghost from his past, Shihiko, to come up. The team is to infiltrate a religious organization and to meet up with the Syndicate's "mole", Shihiko.

During the moments when Hei is supposed to assassinate the organization's leader, Huang tells Yin to send out her specter to check the progress, and ends up jeopardizing the mission. Because of his carelessness, Huang is then ordered to kill Shihiko, who was captured.

Mao had also received orders to kill Huang if he couldn't kill Shihiko. Huang had a gun pointed at her head but handed it to Hei, knowing what the consequences were to be. Hei was ready to kill both of them, but due to his own compassion, he suggested that the two run away. Huang fervently agreed but Mao said he wouldn't be a part of it, knowing they'd all be killed.

Huang and Shihoko were ready to board a ship at a harbor and flee the country and the Syndicate. However, Shihoko runs away and throws herself in front of a moving truck. Hei then notices a Syndicate agent around the corner and tells Huang so.

Huang laments for Shihiko, saying "Well, sweetie, you did it again. You broke my heart."

Huang eventually becomes friends with Yin and Hei, evident by the teasing exchange about his smoking and Hei's eating as well as Yin's hugging of him when he drops them off near the Hell's Gate. Apparently, on his way to pick them up, he had been shot, and is bleeding all over the car. Huang's dying act is to set off a bomb and kill and distract some Pandora agents.

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