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Character Profile: November 11

USA Info
Japanese Info
November 11 November 11(ノーベンバー11) November 11 (Darker Than BLACK)
Jack Simon Jack Simon
Contractor Contractor
Male Male
Around 27-31 years old Around 27-31 years old
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
MI-6 Agent, Contractor MI-6 Agent, Contractor
"Relax. That was a joke."  
Troy Baker Kazuhiko Inoue
Episode 5 Episode 5
Darker Than BLACK Darker Than BLACK

Character Description: November 11

November 11 is a Contractor in the employ of the British intelligence agency. He's a rather witty character and enjoys making cruel jokes. His Contractor power is to freeze liquids, such as water or even human blood. He can throw such liquids and simultaneously freeze them making for deadly accurate projectiles.

His team consists of April, July, and himself. April's Contractor powers, summoning water storms, helps support him and gives him something to freeze. He acts as field leader and usually does most of the fighting. His team's missions consist of tracking down Hei (or, as he knew him, BK-201) and Amber, formerly MI-6 agent February.

November's remuneration is to smoke cigarettes; a payment he finds thoroughly disgusting and unhealthy.

November 11 has an alias of a British ambassador called Jack Simon, whom he originally introduced himself as.

He and Misaki Kirihara became close friends and colleagues during their chances to work together in the series. Had November 11 not died, the relationship may have even progressed even further.

For a short time, he was "captured" by Evening Primrose (Amber's group of Contractors) and learned his MI-6's intentions. Amber told him he would die shortly after leaving EPR's base.

Upon the discovery of his agency's true motives (helping the Syndicate eliminate Contractors), November 11 kills his superior Decade and his guards, but becomes severely wounded in the process. He dies on the sidewalk after deciding to skip his payment just this once.

April and July, who considered November a friend, place flowers, some beer cans (in reference to April's remuneration), and a pack of cigarettes near his death-site.

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