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Anime Profile: Dead Space: Aftermath

USA Info
Dead Space: AftermathDead Space: Aftermath
1 movie
January 25, 2008
Anchor Bay
Dead Space: Downfall
Alejandro Borges βŠ•
· · ·
Alexis βŠ•
· · ·
Bridge Officer βŠ•
· · ·
Captain Campbell βŠ•
· · ·
Commander Sergenko βŠ•
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Dead Space: Aftermath

English Name
English Name
English Name
English Name
Alejandro Borges βŠ• First Officer βŠ• Lead Interrogator βŠ• Reporter βŠ•
Alexis βŠ• Foster Edgars βŠ• Lt. Marcus βŠ• Rin βŠ•
Bridge Officer βŠ• Holan Stross βŠ• Marine Colonel βŠ• Sandra βŠ•
Captain Campbell βŠ• Interrogator #2 βŠ• NIckolas Kuttner βŠ• The Overseer βŠ•
Commander Sergenko βŠ• Isabel Cho βŠ• Omar Nayim βŠ• Vivian βŠ•
Ensign Voigt βŠ• Lana βŠ• Pawling βŠ•

Description: Dead Space: Aftermath

Notice: This is not Japanese animation! I have, however, decided to include it on this site anyway. If you're one of those hard-core anime purists who can't stand seeing a non-anime series on a site dedicated to Japanese animation, then just press the Back button on your web browser and pretend like you were never here.

Seeing the action and horror in the first Dead Space DVD, Dead Space: Downfall, is what got me interested in the videogame, and after only a day of playing the game it immediately jumped up my list to become one of my favorites on the Xbox 360. And now there's both a sequel game and sequel DVD, both which are being released on the same day, January 25, 2011. Oh yeah, you can bet that the DVD was at the top of my Netflix queue. But then something surprising happened... a review copy arrived in the mail! Woo-hoo!

The first thing on the DVD was a preview of the new game, which apparently takes place in the mind Isaac, the main character from the first game. The game looks visually stunning, but I usually don't like stories that take place in a dream or in someone's head, so I was rather disappointed to hear that you're just playing through Isaac's dementia. I'm sure I'll get over it once I start playing though, because it does look amazing.

Next the main feature, Dead Space: Aftermath, started playing, and I was blown away... not by how awesome it was, and not that it was CG instead of the 2D animation of the first film, but because somehow it was actually some particularly bad CG. The kind of detail and animation here felt like it would have been top of the line 10 years ago, or like something you might find on a small child's weekday morning TV show. Is this what Dead Space has been reduced to? Well, thankfully not.

It turns out that there actually is some wonderful 2D animation here, showing up to tell flashbacks of four survivors who were rescued from damaged ship USG OΒ’Bannon that was sent in to investigate the events which took place in the first movie and game. What's cool is that the art style changes for each person's flashback, and that you get to see different versions of the same story. What's not so great is that the story doesn't have a whole lot of depth to it. There is not much sense of purpose for us as the audience watching these characters. What is their goal? Why is it important? Why should we care?

The other bad thing is when the flashbacks end, it's jarring because the awful CG returns. I bet it was an issue of time since it had to be released the same day as the game. I'm sure they probably wanted to fix it up and were just unable to because of the time crunch. The movie is slightly shorter than average, clocking in at an hour and 17 minutes, which includes the end credits, and when it's all over, we don't really own the feeling of going through an adventure and coming out with new insights into an overal plot thread. It's more like we watched some people struggle because some higher ups don't care about the little people and then it's over.

So I liked the 2D animation and action sequences, and the voice acting was particularly well done, but the story left me wanting much more.

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