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Light YagamiLight YagamiLight Yagami (Death Note)
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Raito Yagami (romanization)
17 years old (born February 28, 1989) (anime) (source: Episode 8)17 years old (born February 28, 1989) (anime) (source: Episode 8)
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17 years old (born February 28, 1986) (manga) (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)17 years old (born February 28, 1986) (manga) (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)
Light brown/dirty blondeLight brown/dirty blonde
5'10" (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)179 cm (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)
119 lbs (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)54 kg (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)
Type A (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)Type A (source: Death Note: How to Read 13, page 8)
"I will be the God of the new world."
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"I am justice."
Brad SwaileMamoru Miyano
Episode 1Episode 1
Death NoteDeath Note

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Character Description: Light Yagami

Light is a typical seventeen year old, except that he's a genius. While looking out the window of his class one day, he sees a black book fall out of the sky. After school ends, he goes over and picks up the book, with the words "Death Note" written in a creepy font. While looking over the book, he reads that the book will kill the person whose name is written in it.

At first, Light doesn't believe it, but ends up taking the book home, where he writes down the name of a criminal that was on TV. As the book said, the man died. Light realizes his amazing possibilities, and starts killing criminals who have done major or minor crimes, or people he feels the world will be better off without.

After a few days of messing around with the Death note, he is confronted by Ryuk, the former owner of the Death Note. Ryuk gives him a lot of information regarding the Death Note. But even despite his scary appearance, Ryuk is crazy for apples, which Light supplies him with.

Unfortunately, because most of the criminals are dying of cardiac arrest, the police get involved, and Light, now dubbed "Kira" by the public, is risking himself every time he kills a convict. Another genius, who goes by the alias of "L", is trying his hardest to stop Light, but both always seem a few steps ahead of each other.

Kira lives with his mother, father, and younger sister.

According to Death Note: How To Read 13, his date of birth is February 28, 1986, while Misa's birthdate is December 25, 1984. Thus, he is younger than Misa. His date of death is January 28, 2010, one month short of his birthday. His likes are listed as justice, and his dislikes as evil.

Editor’s Note:

I've seen several different ages listed for Light Yagami. I believe there are two reasons behind this. First, his date of birth in the anime is listed as being in 1989 while in the manga it's listed as being in 1986. And second, he ages throughout the series. In chapter one of the manga it says Light is age 17. Then in chapter 28, volume four, Light is telling his mom and sister that he has a girlfriend, and he states that he's now 18. By the time the manga gets to chapter sixty, volume seven, Light is 23 years of age.

Light Yagami (Death Note) Light Yagami (Death Note)

Character Description: Light Yagami

Light Yagami is the human that Ryuk is attached to. Light uses Death Note to kill off criminals saying that he will be the god of a new world. He usually kills them off using a heart attack until "L" comes in and complicates things for him. He experiments seeing how far he can go using the Death Note, like making the criminals to do things or leave notes before they die.

Light gets the name "Kira" near the beginning when people start to realize someone is giving judgement to the bad guys and start making websites dedicated to him. Most of the people side with him, and Light becomes the talk of Japan. He later meets Misa Amane who traded for the Shinigami eyes - something Light said he didn't want 'cause it took away half of his lifespan. He uses her to his advantage to see the names of people who use nicknames to hide their identity.

Light is usually three steps ahead and is always planning through every possible situation not to get caught. Light thinks he is doing good but in reality he is just as bad as the people he is killing.

Character Description: Light Yagami

Light Yagami is an above average high schooler just preparing to take his college entrance exams, until he finds a notebook on the ground on day labeled DEATH NOTE. A few days later he meets the death god Ryuk and declares that he will rid the world of evil and create an Utopia, led by him.

Then at the college he speaks in front of the other students getting in along with a odd boy by the name of Ryuga Hideki who later admits to being L and the game of cat and mouse begin.

The series continues for an extended amount of time until a big change in manga volume seven, and there is a four year time skip where he meets successors of L and the game restarts again. The question is, who will win?

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