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Mail JeevasMail Jeevas(マイル・ジーヴァス,)Mail Jeevas (Death Note)
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Mairu Jīvasu(romanization)
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19 years old(at his debut)(born February 1st, 1993)(anime)19 years old(at his debut)(born February 1st, 1993)(anime)
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19 years old(at his debut)(born February 1st, 1990)(manga)19 years old(at his debut)(born February 1st, 1990)(manga)(source: How to Read 13 - bonus volume of Death Note)
5'6"168 cm(source: How to Read 13 - bonus volume of Death Note)
114.6 lbs52 kg(source: How to Read 13 - bonus volume of Death Note)
Type OType O
Mello's Helper/deceasedMello's Helper/deceased
"She's an awfully cute japanese girl."
Drew NelsonTomohiro Nishimura
Episode 32(about halfway through), Chapter 83(manga)Episode 32(about halfway through), Chapter 83(manga)
Death NoteDeath Note

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Mail Jeevas

Matt smokes... a lot. He absolutely LOVES video games, and carries a PGS (portable game system) around in his pocket everywhere he goes! You never see him take off his goggles in the series. Although he only shows up in 11 or 12 panels in the manga, he is still an important character. He shows up in the anime only briefly as well. He gets shot down and that is the last you see of him.

Matt, Near, and Mello all grew up in the Wammy house, and though Matt hardly shows up at all in either the manga or anime, he does contribute to the Kira case. It implies that Matt and Mello are very close. Though it's vague, somewhere in the series it shows how humble Mello is to Matt.

In the bonus 13th volume of the manga, we learn that Matt was the third successor to become L after Near and Mello. He's a computer and technological expert that used to go to Wammy's House with Near and Mello. In the manga, Matt is introduced by working with Mello on the Kira case.

A picture of Matt without his goggles is also in the 13th volume. In the anime, Matt's hair is a brownish color, while in the manga many fans like to believe it is red. In a Death Note game there was a manga drawing of Matt in the guide book which originally showed him with blue hair.

Matt is nineteen years old. He was 14 at the time of L-sama's death and then four years passed, making him eighteen years old at that time. However, he doesn't show up immediately, and turns nineteen before he is actually brought in by Mello. Matt dies on January 26th, 2010 at the age of 19 (less than a week away from his 20th birthday).

Mail Jeevas (Death Note) Mail Jeevas (Death Note) Mail Jeevas (Death Note)

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